What should you wear to take passport photos? Here are 10 simple tips

aipassportphoto.com / 2022-11-13

Items that are permitted in passport photos

To make a passport photo valid, a person must follow these dress codes in order to avoid rejections. These are the guidelines you must follow when you take your passport photo .

Regular dresses

For a passport photograph, a person should only wear dresses that they wear regularly. This means that you can wear any casual clothing that you like. Passport photos cannot be taken in uniforms or other similar attire.

Dark-shaded dresses

For their passport photos, every country prefers a light background. To contrast the background, you should wear a dark-skinned dress.

A hearing aid, or similar device

A person can take passport photos while wearing a hearing aid or similar device if they use it regularly.

Religious attires

You can take passport photos if you are regularly wearing religious attires such as a hijab, a turban or other similar religious clothing. The attire should not cover your vital features.

Avoid these things

While we are focusing on what you can wear to a passport photo, there is a list of things you should not. Here are some things you should not wear in passport photos.


Most countries don't recommend that you wear glasses to take passport photos. It doesn't really matter if you use them often.

A person must submit a letter from a qualified physician to request an exception to an eye surgery.

Accessories and headphones

Passport photos should not include accessories such as headphones and other smart devices.

Hairstyles that cover your face

When styling your hair for your passport photo, you should make sure that your hair does not cover any important parts of your face, such as your eyes and ears. This can lead to rejection.

Hats and other headgear

Headgears should be limited to religious outfits such as the hijab or turban. Your application may be rejected if you are wearing any other headgears than those shown in your passport photo.

Photos from the past

Make sure you have a passport photo that has been taken within six months of your current appearance before attaching it to any application.

This is the easiest way to get great passport photos

After going through the various dressing tips for passport photos, we will now discuss the easiest way to create the perfect passport photo.

We have developed a new feature that automatically crops and checks the photo requirements after many years of experience in the industry.

It's very easy to use. These steps will allow you to crop in seconds and conduct a compliance check.

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  2. Upload the photo and wait for the AI to finish its job.
  3. An instant preview of the uploaded image with Corrected Background will be displayed. Facial biometrics will also be available.
  4. Download the preview image for free to cross-examine.
  5. You can buy the entire set if you are satisfied with the results.

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo