Can Venezuelans travel with expired passports?

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It is a known fact that a passport that has expired is not allowed to travel anywhere in the world. A passport that is not valid can be used to board a plane. Even if it were valid, you would have to check the validity at every entry point. This is not true for Venezuelans.

Venezuelans can travel with an expired passport. Yes, Venezuelan passport holders are allowed to travel with an expired passport. However, only the following countries accept passports from Venezuelan citizens (administrative and/or tourism purposes).

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • If you are planning to travel to Latin America, such as Brazil, Argentina or Colombia, you don't need a passport if your ID card is valid.

The following information is required for Venezuelan citizens who have an expired passport, or are not currently holding one, that wish to travel to the United States.

  • It is not permissible to use expired Venezuelan passports for travel/tourism purposes. However, they are only valid for 5 (five) year periods. To enter the United States or Canada , Venezuelan citizens must still have a valid visa. However, the visa can be attached for their invalid passport.
  • You might be able to travel to America if you are a Venezuelan citizen but don't have a passport. This is only applicable to the United States.

You can travel to Spain without a Venezuelan passport. -The truth

The extraordinary situation in Venezuela in which Venezuelan citizens had difficulty renewing their passports at the Venezuelan Embassy in Spain led to the Spanish government taking the following measures:

  • Ex-Venezuelan passports that are not valid will only be accepted for processing authorizations and permits and for the issuance or delivery of identification cards for foreigners.
  • Once you have entered Spain, the validity of your Venezuelan passport is not valid. This resolution does not address the possibility of entering or leaving the country.

A Venezuelan passport that has expired will not be valid for travel to Spain.

It is a good idea to contact the consulate or embassy of a country if you plan to travel to another country. This will allow you to get information about their travel regulations and requirements.

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Summary: Can Venezuelans travel without a passport that is expired?

It is possible to travel for up to 5 years with a Venezuelan passport. However, you should note that countries that accept expired Venezuelan passports include the United States of America, Canada, Spain and some Latin American nations. You might need additional documentation, such as a visa, to travel to certain countries. We recommend you speak to the appropriate authorities to learn more.

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Can Venezuelans travel without a passport? FAQ

Is it possible for Venezuelans to travel to Mexico without a valid passport?

Mexico is one country that will accept Venezuelan passports that have expired. If you're from Venezuela, you can travel to Mexico with your expired passport and stay there for up to five years.

Is it possible to enter the U.S.A. with a Venezuelan passport that is expired?

You can enter the U.S. using an expired Venezuelan passport, provided you have a valid U.S. Visa. A Venezuelan passport that has expired can be used up to five  years after its expiration date.

Does Canada accept expired Venezuelan passport?

Canada accepted expired Venezuelan passports into Canada for up to five years. Venezuelan nationals may apply for a visa during this period to extend their stay in Canada, depending on the purpose.

What's the validity of a Venezuelan passport that has expired?

A Venezuelan passport that has expired may still be valid for 5 (five) more years after its expiration date.

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