What is the average time it takes to get a US visa?

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Processing time for a US visa

The visa type you are applying for will determine the time required to obtain a visa in America. The processing time for a US visa application will take between three and five weeks. The diplomatic mission will mail the document if the applicant is granted a visa. It may take a few extra days for the visa to reach you.

For requests that are rejected under Provision 221(g), Immigration act, as well as for those that are awaiting additional processing, the processing time is approximately sixty days from the date of the scheduled appointment. Other cases may take up to six months.

Individuals who require an exemption of ineligibility to obtain a visa need to be aware of the fact that they will have to wait 6-8 months to receive a reply from the date of their appointment.

If they submit their visa waiver applications via the Electronic Travel Authority program, the states will be notified within 72 hours.

Processing time for US visa types

Below is an estimate of how long it will take to process different types of US visas. Be aware that visa applications can take up to three months. For more information, we recommend you contact the Embassy.

Types of visa

Time it takes

Information about the processing time

E-1 visa

About 2 to 4 weeks

The E-1 visa processing time for applicants who are applying from the United States is determined by the USCIS or USEmbassis. After the application period ends, you will be informed if the visa was granted or denied.

E-2 visa

About4 to 6 weeks

It can take two to three weeks depending on whether you are employed. However, if you don’t hear back within those times periods, it does not mean that your request was denied.

E-3 visa

About 2 months

It will all depend on the caseload of the diplomatic mission.

F-1 visa

Usually granted after your appointment

The F-1 Visa is much quicker to issue that other visas. This type of visa is processed before your appointment. The appointment is the last phase of the US Embassy's decision on whether or not to grant an F-1 visa. This usually happens right after you have completed the interview.

F-2 visa

It may take several days or even weeks.

Your interviewer may give you an answer immediately after the meeting. It is more likely that you will need to wait for a response within a few days or even weeks. The reason for this is that the US Embassy will spend time reviewing your documents and answering any questions. They will also pay attention to your financial situation to determine if you can afford the costs of your stay in the US.

J-1 visa

About 1 to 4 months

The Waiver Review Section will review your application and make recommendations. They will make a suggestion to USCIS and they will take it into consideration.

Q-1 visa

It can take anywhere between 15 days and 3 months

After the processing period, they may notify you to let you know if your visa was accepted.

M-1 visa

About 4 weeks

Processing occurs prior to your scheduled appointment. Sometimes you will get an answer immediately after your interview.

B-1 visa

From weeks to 2 months

The time will vary based on the workload aswell as other factors

B-2 visa

From weeks to 2 months

It takes different amounts of time for to be issued, depending on where you are located.

H-1B visa

About 3 to 6 months

For more information on the processing time, contact the nearest Embassy.

H-1B1 visa

About 4 to 6 months

The time period varies according to the season. You can contact the US Office where your application was made for further details.

H-2A visa

It all depends on the various factors

H-2A Visas are seasonal so times can vary and sometimes take longer. However, USCIS requests should be submitted by employers at least 60 days prior to receiving foreign workers. The maximum time limit is 120 days. The US expedites H-2A visas because of the seasonal nature agricultural jobs.

H-3 visa

About 4 to 6 months

At least six weeks before the start of the program , you must make sure that your organization asks for your name. The documentation will need to be collected and the application process can begin. It could take up to three months to get a response depending on how many requests you have at the US Embassy.

H-4 visa

It all depends on the various factors

Your H-4 status depends on the status of your parent or spouse, so the processing of their visa may take longer.

L-1 visa

About 3 to 4 months

Specific petitions are more difficult to process than those. Employers can also receive premium processing for an additional fee. This will speed up the L-1A process and allow them to respond in 1 to 3 days.

L-2 visa

It usually takes between 15 days and 1 month.

It all depends on the Embassy's work and other factors.

R-1 visa

About 8 to 9 months with no expedited service

It takes time to approve an R-1 visa. The USCIS will need to visit the institution's premises once the employer has submitted the request. It takes about 6 months to receive their response . If USCIS has already authorized and inspected the agency, an expedited service charge of $1,225 will be added.

P-1 visa

Around 3 to 6 months without expedited services

While there is an long delay, US companies have the option to pay for expedited services. You will need to pay $1,225 extra if you want your visa processed quickly.

I visa

It takes about 10 days.

Journalists or media representatives may be granted this privilege.

O visa

Around 2 to 3 months

You have the option to receive an expedited service, just like most visas. O visas can be processed premium for an additional $1,225

C visa

Within 5 days

This is a Transit Visa, and it takes less time than most visas.

T visa

It all depends on the various factors

T visa is a lengthy process. The USCIS doesn't have an estimate of the time it will take for visa applicants to get approved once they submit their applications. It depends on several factors.

U visa

About 12 to 18 months

Processing times can vary depending on whether additional proof is required to USCIS


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