How do i take a better passport picture?

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Why are passport photos so terrible?

It is not secret that passport photos aren't good for most people. (Those of you with cute passport photos, please spare us the embarrassment). Why is this happening to so many people? It seems absurd. You pay for the passport application and the photos, then you go to a photo booth or drugstore to get your photo taken.

This could be due to many factors. The one thing that I find most detrimental to my final passport photo is my inability to relax because of the small number of takes. You usually only get three to five takes in a photo studio. If you're lucky you might get four to five. After that, you are sent home with an unflattering picture that you will have for the next ten decades. Just thinking about it makes me nervous and make my photo look strange.

You may also be affected by other factors such as feeling tired, dark circles and puffy eyes, bad hair days, bad lighting, bad makeup or putting on the wrong type of makeup. Below are some tips that can help you create a great passport photo.

How do you take a better passport picture?

You don't have to adhere to all the requirements, but there are some tricks that can help you create a photo that will last for many years. How can you create a photo that will make you proud when you travel? Let's look at some tips.

First, remember to try to take photos on a positive day. A good day for your health is a good day. You can look great in your photo if you don't feel bad inside. Otherwise, it will likely translate into a horrible-looking picture.

Lighting and background

Natural lighting is another important factor. Natural lighting can make you glow and look beautiful, and it doesn't take much effort. Your passport photo may be rejected if it is too exposed or underexposed.

Natural light should be able to illuminate your entire face and not cast shadows. If you don't have a window at your home, a white background such as a sheet or wall is a good option. Learn more about lightning in passport photos .

Which makeup looks best on your passport photo?

All the ladies out there, no matter what they say - you know that you want to use makeup in your passport photo. You do. It's normal because makeup can hide many imperfections. However, again, don't go overboard.

I would choose a light, matte foundation, subtle blush and mascara, preferably one that is brown-hued. The "cakey" look should be natural. Even if you do wear fake eyelashes, I recommend that you get rid of them for this particular instance.

If you want to look great in passport photos, you should avoid using glittery or sparkly makeup. This can cause your skin to appear more wrinkle-like and may even make you look older. Your makeup must and must be there. Just make sure it looks natural, not too sexy as if you're going out on a night.

To smile, or not to smile?

Don't be too dramatic with your facial expressions. This is why it is so important to relax. Tensed muscles will show up in your photo. You weren't allowed to smile back in the day when you took your passport photo. But that has changed.

You can smile on your passport photo, but don't show your teeth. You can either keep your mouth shut or maintain a neutral expression (resting).

Which hairstyle do you prefer?

Let's now move onto the hair. If you wear your hair in a particular way every day, it is logical that you would want to do the same for your passport photo. You don't have to do anything different, but if your hair is frizzy, you can easily style it with a hair gel or serum.

Your hairstyle for the new passport photo should not be too dramatic. Don't let your hair get in the way! Bangs can't be a cover for your eyebrows or eyes if they are long.

What you should avoid when taking your passport picture?

In passport photos, you should avoid anything that's excessive. This includes makeup that's too heavy or has too many accessories. You should avoid jewelry and hair accessories in passport photos. However, you don't have to wear small earrings. Use your best judgement when deciding what is too much or not suitable for a passport photo.

Headwear such as scarves or caps should also be avoided, except if it's a covering for religious reasons. You can wear glasses and hearing aids in your passport photo, but you will need to give a valid reason (a signed note from the doctor).

You should also remember that Photoshop is not a tool you can use to edit passport photos. You should leave this task to a professional photographer who uses photo editing software every day or an expert on the subject.

Create your passport photo

As I said earlier, my biggest problem in relaxing while taking passport photos is being limited in how many shots I can take. Although I could ask the photographer for multiple photos of me, this would incur additional costs and I wouldn't be able to guarantee that any of them would match my expectations.

You can either take your own photo or have a friend or family member take it.


AiPassportPhoto lets you take your photo in a relaxed environment from your own home. You don't need to be rushed or restricted on how many photos you can take. Either take a new passport picture or upload one you feel is appropriate for a passport.

The AI system will check the photo and inform you if it is suitable for use or not. There are no extra fees for uploading multiple photos. You can have fun and take as many photos as possible until you find the perfect one.

Ordering passport photos in digital format costs only $4.99. It's easy, hassle-free, and can save you time and money by allowing you to print out your passport photos digitally. The app is available for iOS and Android. It has a high compliance rate. In the event that your photos are rejected by local passport authorities, you will get a double refund.

Bad passport photos: FAQ

Are you curious about what could happen when you take passport photos? Let's get to the bottom of some frequently asked questions so you can gain more insight into not-so-perfect passport shots!

If I take my own photos, will they be accepted by authorities?

If you have the right tools, you can take documents-worthy photos that will be accepted at your passport agency. AiPassportPhoto features an AI system that scans every photo to ensure it conforms with the official passport photo requirements.

Why are passport photos so horrible?

A passport photo can look 'ugly' for many reasons. Bad lighting, tiredness, makeup errors, stress, or simply too much tension in the studio could all contribute to a poor passport photo.

Can I makeup on my passport photo?

Yes! Yes! You can make your face look wrinkly if you apply too much foundation.

How to look great in your passport picture?

There are many options for looking good in your passport photo. Relaxation is key to looking natural. Do not smile too much. Instead, smile naturally without showing your teeth. Make sure your makeup looks natural and hides any imperfections. If you aren't confident with applying makeup, I recommend you visit YouTube for tutorials or asking a friend who is experienced to help.

To take my own photo of the passport, do I need a professional photographer?

To take your passport picture, you don't even need a professional camera! It will suffice if you have a smartphone that has a high resolution camera. You don't need one? Ask a family member or friend who has one to lend it to you (and maybe even help you take the pictures).

Why do passport photos look so bad?

Poor lighting, tense poses, and limited takes can all make passport photos look terrible. There are a few tricks that can help you create a passport photo that perfectly reflects your real beauty. Check out our tips.

Why is my ID photo so ugly?

Passport photos and ID photos must follow certain guidelines. Unfortunately, they are not as flexible as photoshoots. Bad lighting, poor quality, awkward expressions, and poor lighting can all make ID photos look "ugly".

Pictures make me look terrible. What can I do to make myself look better?

You can enhance pictures naturally. It's not about your appearance. It's about how your prepare for your shot. Relax, relax your shoulders, and maintain a neutral expression. These simple tips will help you take a great passport photo.

Bad lighting can make you look ugly.

Bad lighting can have a huge impact on your passport photo. It is important that the photo doesn't become too dark or too bright. Shadows that are cast behind or on your face can affect your appearance. Your photo will be positively affected if you use natural, good lighting.

What to do if your passport photo is blurred?

Do not attempt to modify your passport photo digitally if it isn't high-quality. These images will not be accepted by the U.S. Department of State. You must take another passport photo if the original is blurred. AiPassportPhoto - This passport photo tool allows you to take as many photos as you like until you get the perfect shot.

Why is my passport photo so dark?

Lighting is an essential element of a passport photo. Your passport photo may be underexposed if it is poor. Natural light can highlight your face without creating shadows.


Let's face it, passport photos don't always turn out as we hoped. Instead of giving us strange looks and making suspicious faces, we want people to be impressed by our photo.

The internet is our friend. photo apps allow us to take our passport photos that meet the official standards. It doesn't matter if you have to go to a booth or find a photographer. You can get your passport photo online and look your best!

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