How do I check my U.S. passport status?

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Tracking U.S. passport application

It was only a few years ago that the online passport tracking feature was created. This option was introduced by the U.S. Department of State in response to numerous requests from passport applicants.

After at least seven (seven) to fourteen (fourteen) days after submitting an application, the system will allow users to check their U.S. Passport status. After the submission, tracking is available for up to seven working days.

To check the status of an application (either via a desktop browser or by using a mobile device), applicants will need to enter some personal information. When applying online, the following information must be provided:

  •  Last name, including suffixes or hyphens (ex. Smith III or Smith-Jones
  • Date of birth
  •  Last four digits from your Social Security Number

For those who wish to receive email updates daily, automatic email notifications are available. While your application is in the Online Passport Status system, you will need an email address.

The National Passport Information Center can be reached at 1-877-487-27778 or 1-888-874-793 to get information about your U.S. passport status. A representative will assist you.

This service is available Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 10 pm (except federal holidays). Similar to online tracking, this option can be accessed 7-14 (seven-to-14) days after you submit your application.


What does each passport status mean?

There are (4) four stages to a passport application, and each has a different meaning.These are the (4) stages:

  1. Not Found
  2. In Process
  3. Approved
  4. Mailed

Passport status: Not Found

If a U.S. passport request status is listed as "Not Found", it usually means that less than 14 (or fourteen) days have passed between the submission of the application.

This means that the passport application is still being processed. The first status updates will become available after 14 (fourteen!) business days.

Passport status: In Process

Next is the status stage 'In Process'. This is the status of your passport application. The processing time depends on the service selected.

The normal processing time for applicants who did not apply expedited is 4-6 weeks (four-six).

The waiting time for expedited services that are paid additional is typically reduced to approximately 3 (three) weeks.

Passport status: Approved

The status of your passport application is marked as "Approved" to indicate that it has been reviewed and printed. It is now time to wait for your passport to arrive.

Passport Status: Mailed

This is the most awaited step in the U.S. passport application procedure. This indicates that the passport was sent to the address indicated in the application. Separate mail will be used to send supporting documents, such as birth certificates or ID cards.

Possible delays in delivery

If your passport tracking shows that a passport has not been delivered after 10 (or ten) business days, you should contact the National Passport Information Center immediately.

A customer service representative will advise the applicant to complete a special form called a DS-86. This document is used to notify the authorities that the passport was not delivered. This form must be completed within 90 (ninety-five) days of the date that the passport was sent. The applicant will need to reapply within the required 90-day time frame and pay all fees.

Expediting a U.S. passport

Individuals who are in a hurry have the option to use expedited passport service. The passport process will now be quicker. Instead of waiting 6 (six), weeks, applicants can wait 3 (three) week. This option is available only if an additional fee is paid.

If a passport is urgently required, you can speed up the process by ordering next-day delivery at home once your passport has been mailed.

Renewing passport by mail

It is easy to renew a U.S. passport by mail. All you need is the DS82 form. For those who prefer to submit their passport application in hardcopy, the DS-82 form is used.

Your old passport and a copy of your passport photo must be mailed to the post office when applying for a passport via mail. It is important to note that passport renewal papers must not be given to an acceptance facility. They must be sent to the Department of State.

If you are unable to renew your passport via mail

In some cases, renewals by mail are not possible. This happens when:

  • The passport has been stolen, lost, or damaged.
  • The passport was issued over 15 years ago.
  • The person was at least 16 years old when they were issued a passport.

The applicant must fill out a DS-11 application. This form can be obtained at the passport acceptance agency or post office. DS-11 also requires that the entire process be repeated. All documents necessary for the passport, such as passport photos or citizenship proof, must be presented. Also, a signature under oath will be required.

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How to check U.S. passport status

It is only natural that passport tracking would be possible online, with so many formalities done online. Your last name, date, and the last four digits (or four) of your Social Security number will be required.

You should wait between 7 and 14 days (seven to fourteen days) after you have submitted your passport application to check your U.S. passport status.

Online Passport Status allows you to opt for status updates via email.

FAQ: How to check the status of your U.S. passport

My passport tracking shows that my passport was sent 10 days ago but I have not received it. What should I do next?

You should contact the Passport Information Center to report that your passport has not been received. This form must be completed within 90 (ninety-eight) days from the date of your application submission.

What does it mean if a passport application is "Not Found"?

The status of your U.S. passport is 'Not Found'. This means that not enough time has passed between the submission of your application and now. Status updates are typically available seven to fourteen days (or seven to fourteen) after you submit your passport application.

Where can I find out the status of my U.S. passport?

On the State Department's website, you can find status updates for passport applications. The National Passport Information Center can be reached at 1-877-487-27778 or 1-888-874-7933.

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