What You Should Know About Student ID Card?

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How do you obtain a student ID?

The country in which you live may require teaching institutions to issue student cards. You must be a full-time student in college, university, or school for at least a specified period to be eligible for a student card.

A student ID card gives you access to many benefits and discounts. Some of these are:

  • Public transport is cheaper
  • Regional or sometimes national transport is cheaper (up to 50% off train tickets).
  • Discounts on entertainment (events such as concerts fetes fairs, etc.
  • Discounted drinks and food at cafes, pubs, bars, or events, sometimes for free
  • Discounted clothing at many trendy and popular shops
  • Accommodations and travel are cheaper
  • Bookstore discounts

Not all student ID cards are created equal and some may not be accepted internationally. While it can be used to prove your identity, such as when you need to prove your age to someone, it should not be used for travel purposes. A passport and/or visa are essential for any trip to another country.

How do I get a student ID Card?

When it comes to tracking and identifying individuals within academic institutions and organizations, student ID cards are essential. The ISIC Card Photo (International Student Identity Card), is available below.

1. An ISIC card can be applied for by calling the STA Travel Agent at 1-800-223-7986 (toll free), or applying online through your local ISIC issuing office. ISIC cards are issued by many international education (study abroad), or institution registrars. It is easier to apply online if your campus doesn't have an ISIC card issuer.

2. Send one passport-sized photo, 2x2 inches.

3. Gather the necessary documents. These documents can be emailed to the officials, or uploaded while you fill out the online application.

4. If you apply by mail, pay $25 plus $3 shipping. Apply online with your credit/debit cards.

5. Wait for a reply!

Where can I get a student ID Card?

Your application form will determine where and how your student card will be issued. You must send your documents to the following address if you apply for an International Student Identity Card

  • STA Travel INC. National Call Center, ID card Department. 585 N Juniper Drive; Chandler, AZ 85226

Online applications require you to wait for the ISIC card to arrive. Standard delivery can take up to 15 days. For $15, you can have your student ID card sooner.

Replacement student ID card

The process for replacing IDs may differ depending on how you applied for your student identification document. You will need a new student card if your student card is lost or damaged. A new student card can be obtained by the university authorities, or deanery, at an additional cost. The ISIC Student Identity Card is valid for up 16 months. After that, you will need to renew it.

Photo of student ID card

A photograph is an essential part of any identity document application. To fit on the student ID card, however, the photo must meet certain requirements, including the correct dimensions. The ISIC requires a 2x2 inch passport-sized photo with an ink-on-the back name and a name. It must also be in the correct background colour and positioned correctly within the entire frame.

These are the general specifications for student IDs photos:

  • Must be a recent photograph of your current appearance
  • Taken against a plain background
  • Show the candidate with his face towards the camera
  • The photo should show the head and shoulders and be at least 80%.
  • With no other people or objects in background
  • Show the student at the center of the photo
  • No patterns, shadows, or glares on applicant's face or background
  • If glasses are worn, ensure that pupils are visible and there are no reflections or glares in the lenses.
  • Head coverings are not permitted unless it is for religious reasons.
  • Sunglasses and tinted glasses must be avoided
  • Do not submit photos with red-eye effects
  • A photo that isn't appropriate or is cut from a larger photo will result in your photo being rejected

Any altered or beautified images will not be approved. Use proven services that offer a 100% acceptance guarantee to avoid rejection.

Create student ID photos

Do you want a quick and easy way to get the correct Student ID card photo?

Aipassportphoto allows you to create photos for student cards, passports, driving licenses, visas, and many other documents. Our online tool allows you to take photos for hundreds of travel documents, identities, and other types. All photos are checked by the AI system, which verifies their validity and marks them as correct or wrong.

The photo maker functions in a similar way to an online booth, except that it uses artificial intelligence. Traditional photo booths can be more time-consuming and require more effort. It is possible to save time and do it at home. It is easy to do. All you have to do is upload your photo and the photo creator will adjust the frame to fit the image. It will also change the background color to one that matches the requirements of the official photo.

These photo guidelines should be followed when taking photos of your student ID card. Once you have taken the correct photo, you can download it from our app or website. It can be printed at your local shop or sent to you via email within a few days.

Aipassportphoto provides students with an excellent photo to use on their student ID cards.

Background images for student ID cards

It can be hard to achieve a harmonious background in your home. It is easier to photograph documents in daylight than with dim lighting. If you don't have a studio or professional photographer at your disposal, you can use an online service. It is much easier!

You don't even need to leave your home in order to take the perfect picture for your student ID card. You don't have to leave your home if you are having trouble finding the perfect background. The Aipassportphoto app and website works as a background remove. It eliminates shadows and patterns, so you can instantly change the background colour! The background will be perfect for your document.

A student ID card-Summary

The rules for getting your student ID card may vary depending on where you're studying. Check the requirements and photos for student ID cards on the official websites.

You will need a US student ID card if you plan to study in the United States. Without a valid ID, it is impossible to do many things including getting through school. To be eligible for teaching institutions, you must be a student.

A current photo is necessary to be able to present a valid ID. Don't stress over your photo. Simply use our Student ID Card photo creator to get the right picture for your document. You will be asked to upload another photograph if something is not right. You can rest assured that your photos will be accepted when you use our photo service. You will be refunded if your photo is not accepted (which is very rare).

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo