Print Passport photos on 4x6 inch paper

aipassportphoto.com / 2022-10-05

Why not print your passport/visa photo on 4x6 paper instead?

Our 4x6 photo template has one advantage: you get two 2x2 inch passport photographs for the cost of one 4x6 photograph. You can use one photo to fill out your passport application. The other photo can be saved for future reference, such as in the event that your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged on your trip overseas.

Our passport photo maker also has a price advantage. The prices at these stores can reach as high as $15. We do not believe you should spend so much on a US passport picture. This is why we are going to show you how to make inexpensive passport photos on 4x6 paper.

Finally, convenience. It is easy to take your passport photos or any ID photos in your home. You don't need to visit a large photography studio like Target or Walmart.

Avoid waiting in long lines at photo services departments at pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens. You don't have to book an appointment at the US Post Office months in advance. There is no waiting if your choice is to save money and take the picture yourself.

You can save money printing your own photos by using our passport photo maker.

Generator for passport photo templates

You can choose from many photo templates using our photo generator: US passport photoUK photo and US driver's licence.

No matter what template you choose, the passport photo app and the editing and cropping tools available on our website will help you create the perfect passport photo.

Simply snap a photo and upload it (or an existing photo) to our photo lab. Our AI system scans your images and approves them for publication, regardless of whether you use our app or our website. Continue taking photos until you find the perfect one.

After adjusting the image, cropping it, and resizing it, we send you an email with a digital template ready to print. The size of the printed paper is 4x6 inches. The print may include up to 8 photos depending on which template you choose. Print the image at your local printing shop.

Our blog post will show you where to get a 4x6 passport picture printed for as low as 30¢. This article contains a comparison of passport photo prices from different stores. You can see which one is cheaper and why it is ours. Learn more about the Walmart Photo Center, Costco passport photos, Rite Aid passport photo printing costs, and more.

You don't need to shop at a print shop, but you can still opt for delivery. Your photos will be delivered directly to your home using the Passport Photo Premium Mail Service. It's only a few bucks more and extremely convenient.

The passport photo maker includes helpful guidelines that will guide you through taking passport-sized photos. 

Things to keep in mind when taking your passport picture

You need to be aware of some key criteria if you want to take your passport-sized photo. These are great tips for taking passport-worthy photos. These are the rules that you should follow to ensure your photos are acceptable.

  • No selfies! Take the photo with someone else, about four to five feet from your nose. If you have a digital camera, your smartphone or tablet can be used to take the picture.
  • A white background must be used for the photo. Our photo app will remove the background from your photo and replace it with one that is white.
  • Good lighting is important to ensure that your passport photo has no shadows and is evenly distributed. Natural light works best. Avoid flash photography as it can create the red-eye effect. 
  • Keep your face natural: No heavy makeup on passport photos, no jewelry that is too large, and no facial expressions that are unnatural.
  • Except for religious reasons, you can't have any headcovering in your photograph.
  • Avoid wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses, except when they are required by your doctor.
  • Accessory or jewelry that alters or obscures your face is not allowed.
  • Don't alter photos in Photoshop, or any other editing software; your face should look exactly like you want it to. This includes color correction filters.
  • Your head should be 1" to 3-3/8" inches high (25-35mm), measured from your bottom chin to your top of the head.

Our online U.S. passport cropping tool makes it easy to adjust the size of your photos to meet the standards. You can read more about dressing for passport photos in this blog post.

Final thoughts

Your passport photos should be printed on high quality photographic paper such as Kodak. These photos should also be printed using photographic quality printers.

You cannot print a passport photo on your home inkjet printer unless you are a professional photographer with the right equipment. To print your digital template, you will need to take it to an office like Office Depot, FedEx Office or Staples. The photos can be printed on a 4x6 inch picture on matte or glossy paper.

The photo is the most important thing when applying for a passport or ID. However, it can seem easy until you have to get up, leave your home, and wait in line to get your mugshot taken. AiPassportPhoto believes that anything can be done from your own home.

Now you can take passport photos at home, at your convenience and your own pace. AiPassportPhoto allows you to take passport photos online. It's easy and quick, as well as saving time and money.

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo