Use a nearby post office to pick up your passport

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Passports can be used for travel. Even just the act of getting your first passport will require you to travel. Online applications are not possible. You must physically go to a passport office to apply. Although passport offices are usually located in county clerks offices, some libraries and community centres offer passport services. However, nine out of ten times the "passport office closest to me" will be your largest local post office.

A small postal substation in your neighborhood will not have a passport office. You also don't want to visit a huge mail sorting station. You are looking for one or more of the main post offices within your zip code. Google is your friend in such situations. You can search for "post office near me passport"

Your local post office should be among the top results. Ask them about passport services the next time you visit to pick up stamps or drop off packages. They will direct you to the right location. You will find either a window with a designated purpose or a small office. It's worth a look. What is the length of the line? What hours are they open? Is it possible to make an appointment or is it first-come, first served? Most of these questions can be answered without you even having to look.

How to apply in a post office for a passport?

First, the line will be long and slow. You need to have patience like a saint. You should plan to get passports for your children on a day that is not school. It is generally nine-to-five Monday through Friday. Some locations open earlier than that, starting at seven or eight o’clock. Although some post offices offer passport services on Saturdays, this is very rare.

The good news is that most passport acceptance post offices have moved to by-appointment only scheduling due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus epidemic. Online booking is possible, which makes it much easier.

Don't be surprised if you miss the next appointment. You'll need extra time to fill out your applications, collect all necessary documents and take your photos. So don't complain and book it.

In case of an emergency, you can also book a backup date. Check back often to see if there are any openings. You can also use passport expediting services if you are in urgent need. However, these services will cost you more.

What documents do I need for my passport to be stamped at the post office?

You must bring more than just the material. You also need to be serious, patient, and dedicated. That's up to you. It's important to me that you focus on the things. It is very important to pay attention to this matter.

Application for a passport

Each candidate should bring one completed application form. The paperwork can be downloaded from the U.S Department of State. You can fill out the form ahead of time, but do not sign it. During the interview phase of the application process, you will sign the form at the post office. Each application must be signed by the candidate in person.

The passport must be for your child. Even infants are subject to this requirement. A parent can sign for your child if they are unable to complete the application. All applicants over 16 years old are required to sign their documents.

Bring your checkbook. Each application is subject to a $35 processing fee by the post office. The State Department charges an additional $110 for application fees. The post office accepts credit and debit cards, but the U.S. State Department can only accept checks, money orders, and traveler's cheques made payable to the "U.S." Department of State. You can also buy money orders at the Post Office.

Passport documentation

They do not require a lot of documentation, only a photo ID and proof that you are a citizen. Your birth certificate is the document they expect to see for natural-born U.S. citizens. You should bring the original or a certified copy of your birth certificate with you. Also, you should have a front and back photocopy. They will inspect the original and retain the copy. For a list of additional documents, visit the State Department website.

Your naturalization certificate will be what naturalized citizens want to see at the interview. You should bring a photocopy of the front and back for them to keep.

Passport photographs

Two (2) color printed photographs of the candidate must be attached to each application. These photos must comply with all regulations. The candidate must show his or her full face against a white background. This is just for starters. There are also technical details regarding resolution and scale. For the full specifications, visit the State Department website.

Interview with passports at the post office

It's not like a job interview. You don't have to pass the American civics test. You just need to present your application. They will then review it. They will verify that your birth certificate is valid and that the photocopy they have for you to keep is clear.

Clerks will check that your photos are clean and unblemished. You won't likely have a conversation with your clerks about "What countries are your plans to visit?" or "Is your mothermy?"

If all goes well, they will verify your signature and collect the fees. Then, the U.S. Department of State will send you the completed application. If your application is approved by the State Department, you will receive your U.S. passport via mail within six to eight weeks.

USPS passport requirements

One applicant and one application are all you need. One photocopy and one birth certificate. Two photos, taken to exact specifications. This will cost you both your time and your patience.


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Travel with a passport

You are now ready to travel the world. You can travel visa-free to more than 140 countries with your new U.S. passport. It is valid for ten year. You might be able renew your passport by mail, which could save you a trip to the nearest post office. You will need new photos to renew. AiPassportPhoto can help you save money and avoid a trip into a studio. All the best!


Can I apply for a passport at a post office?

It's not exactly. While you can attend an interview and submit your application at certain post offices, your passport will be sent to you by mail. It takes several months for the entire process to complete.

Are passport renewal forms available at post offices?

It is possible to fill them online, but it is easier to print them. Although you can apply for your passport online, it is not possible to renew your passport by mail.

Is the post office able to make copies of passports

They might not have a copy machine, but customers may be able to use it for a small charge. Do not be a trouble customer that causes delays. Have all copies prepared in advance.

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