What if my passport photo is rejected?

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The most common reasons why a passport application gets rejected

Before we move on to passport photos, let's first look at the most common reasons that U.S. citizens are denied passport photos. passport application denial.

 Problems with the law, such as:

- Child support owing

- For felony parole or probation

  • Arrest warrant . For example, failing to pay the bill or putting an incorrect amount on the check.
  • Two-sided or crummy photocopies and poor quality.
  • Any missing information or mistakes in the application form
  • Bad photo. This happens when attached photos are deemed unacceptable. Your application will be rejected if the passport photo requirements of the U.S. State Department are not met.

We will be focusing on the most common mistakes that applicants make when taking passport photos. The rejection of your passport photo doesn't mean you have to stop applying for a passport. We will discuss this later.

How do I make sure my passport photo is accepted?

It is sufficient to follow all requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State in order for applicants to have their passport photos accepted. For more information on the rules and regulations that govern passport photos, visit the State Department website.

These are the top five (or 5) reasons why your passport photo might be rejected:

  1. It is the wrong size and dimension. U.S. U.S. You must leave space between your head and the upper edges of the photo.
  2. Low contrast, saturation and exposure. Final prints made on matte or glossy photo quality paper must not be too dark or too bright. It is important that your face is not either under-lit or over-lit. Your face must be evenly lit by the light, with no dramatic shadows. You should use natural colors and not apply color enhancement filters. If possible, it is best to shoot with natural lighting.
  3. Bad background. A uniform background, with a plain white background, is required. It must not have any patterns, wrinkles or shadows. A plain white sheet or large poster board can be used. The passport photos cannot contain any other objects or people.
  4. Improper pose. Passport applicants should be straight and tall, with their shoulders straight. Your head should not be tilted in any direction. Your expression should be neutral, and relaxed. Your nose should be in central position, and your eyes should be approximately two-thirds away from the print's bottom edge.
  5. Accessorize your hair, clothes and accessories. Wearing glasses is no longer acceptable. If they are used for medical reasons, applicants can leave them behind to take their passport photos. In such cases, a signed physician's statement must be submitted.

Large hair shouldn't extend beyond the sides and the top of your frame. You might consider pulling it back or wearing it up. Your ears are no longer visible. However, your hair should not be obstructive to any part of your face.

Casual clothes are acceptable; camouflage patterns and uniforms are not. Accessory such as facial piercings must be discrete and not overshadow your face. For example, large earrings that cross the oval of your face are not allowed. Accessories for hair, such as headbands, hair ribbons and scarfs, are not permitted.

Caps and hats are not allowed on the head. You will need to sign a statement stating that you are wearing a headgear, such as a hijab or yarmulke, every day for religious or cultural reasons.

Is it possible to retake my passport photograph?

Yes! Yes. Follow the instructions. The new passport photo will be available for you in as little as 90 (ninety-nine) days. Two (2) recent color photos of your head, shoulders and neck must be submitted to the camera. You will need to submit 2 (two) recent color photographs of your head and shoulders, facing the camera.


The online app from AiPassportPhoto can help you take the guesswork out your passport photo. The app can be downloaded to your smartphone. Drag and drop your photo into the app. The powerful Artificial Intelligence will evaluate your photo for suitability and verify that your face is visible. To get a good shot, you can try it as many times as you need.

Once you have a good picture AiPassportPhoto will check if your head has been properly framed. The app also checks that the photo is correctly sized using the cropping feature. The app even replaces your background with a U.S. Department of State-approved, plain white background. It's amazing, and very easy to utilize.

It is also quick and inexpensive. You can save time and money by receiving the final image via email in a JPEG format. Print it at your local pharmacy, big-box store, or copy shop. It comes with a guarantee that if your final product is rejected by the passport office they will replace it or refund you money.

Enjoy your journeys, but be careful!

Anyone who wishes to travel must obtain a passport. However, the process can take up to 18 weeks and cost upwards of $145. Your travel experience should be stress-free. Make sure that your passport photos are acceptable for the U.S. Department of State (NPIC) at the time you apply for a new passport.

AiPassportPhoto is a great way to ensure that your passport photo will not be rejected. This app can create professional passport photos in just one click. Clear images that meet the U.S. requirements. It's easy to meet passport photo requirements.  AiPassportPhoto - Get your passport photo!

What to do if my passport photo is rejected? FAQ

This section will answer frequently asked questions regarding U.S. passport photos as well as the reasons why they were rejected.

Do I need to remove my eyepatch?

You can remove it if you are able to (but not because of scars), then it is best to take it off for the photo. It is okay to wear it if it causes light irritation or seizures.

Do I have to wear my uniform as a Scout?

No. Scouts are not allowed to wear uniforms.

Do I have to shave my beard?

You don't have to shave if you have a beard. Your current appearance must be shown in the photo. You should update your passport photos if you have a beard.

How do I check if my passport photo is acceptable?

Follow the U.S. passport requirements to verify passport photos. You can save time and have the AiPassportPhoto app download.

What happens if your passport photograph is rejected?

Applicants are sent a letter by NPIC stating that the passport application was rejected due to insufficient compliance with the U.S. Department of State requirements. They have 90 (ninety-ninety) days to submit a new passport photograph. If they miss the deadline, they will need to submit the passport application again with the updated fees.

What if your photo does not meet the requirements for photo approval?

You have 90 days to correct a passport photo that does not meet the requirements. You can try a different passport service, or  AiPassportPhoto which is a photo conversion tool that ensures 100% compliance with all U.S. requirements.

Is it possible to have your passport photo retaken if you are not satisfied with the results?

After being sent a rejection letter due to an incorrect passport photo, applicants have a period of 90 days to amend it and submit again. If the deadline is missed applicants will need to submit the complete form with all fees again.

What should I do if my Walgreens passport picture is not accepted?

Walgreens offers a full refund policy if the passport photo is rejected by the customer. The store offers two options: either you can give the photos back or request a retake. If the photos are rejected, you can try another option. The AiPassportPhoto app is another option. It allows you to take photos at home, and receive feedback from experts 24/7.

What are the strictest passport photos?

Relatively the same requirements apply to passport photos for children and adults.

Size: 2 x 2 inches

Good lighting that doesn't cast shadows

High quality (photos cannot be blurry or show smudges).

Background: Off-white or white

- Visible face with eyes open, mouth closed and teeth not visible (infants can have their eyes closed).

A few rules apply to clothing and accessories. For passport photos, applicants should not wear sunglasses, headphones, or a casual head covering such as a cap. If the beard or permanent tattoo is appropriate for the applicant, it will be allowed.

What should I do if my passport photo from the photo booth is rejected?

Each booth has its own policy. One booth may offer a refund policy in the event that your passport photo is rejected. In all cases, applicants will need to create a new passport photo that meets the requirements for U.S passport photos. AiPassportPhoto provides a compliant passport photo.

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