Tips and rules for Passport Photo Makeup

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Can I wear makeup on a passport photo

We can provide you with the definitive answer if you're still unsure whether or not you can wear makeup on a passport photo. It is allowed and permitted under the official requirements of passport photos.

The government and official authorities do not have any specific passport photo makeup guidelines. There are some "unwritten" passport makeup rules that you must follow. If you violate these rules, your passport could be rejected.

The look without makeup

This makeup looks great for passport photos. This makeup can brighten your face and enhance your natural features.

This doesn't mean you should use less makeup to appear natural. It doesn't matter how much makeup you use. This effortless look is achieved by using a neutral palette. It will bring out your features while still looking natural.

We will soon reveal how to achieve a natural, flawless look without sacrificing your favorite makeup products.

Keep your natural skin color

Your passport photo should reflect your natural skin tone. Don't tan before taking your passport photo. You won't look as good the next time you show it to TSA officers. Make sure you don't use foundation that is too dark/light in comparison to your skin tone when making your passport photo makeup.

Avoid using base products/sunscreens with high SPF

You have probably seen the photos of failed makeup on celebrities, with flashbacks under their eyes, on their noses, cheeks, and chins. Wondering why celebrities ended up with such terrible makeup, even though professional makeup artists did it?

It's much easier than you might think to get a white cast on your face from a photograph. It's one of most common makeup mistakes. Makeup products with UV filters such as zinc dioxide or titanium dioxide can cause white cast.

Use base products with an SPF below 15 if you don't want flashbacks in your passport photos. Or, just get rid of SPF altogether.

Do not follow the makeup trends

It's no secret that the beauty industry is one the most dynamic. They change from season to season, and they follow social media trends religiously. A passport photo is not the best way to show your makeup skills and fashionable makeup taste, even though there are always new makeup trends.

It's not meant to identify your biometric characteristics. So when you take your passport photo, do not choose smoky eyes or neon eyeliner.

Beauty tips for a better passport photo

These passport photo makeup rules will give you an overview of what to do and what not to do when you are doing your makeup for your passport photo shoot. It's now time to learn essential passport photo makeup tips that will make your passport photo stand out.

Match the foundation on your neck and face

In your passport or ID photograph, you will see your head and upper shoulders. You may find your head and upper shoulders visible in your passport or ID photo. However, it's normal to use foundation that's a little lighter/darker that your skin tone.

Apply excess oil to your face

A matte-finish makeup is better for passport photos. You can mattify oily skin with powdered face makeup to reduce shine. The "T-zone" is the area of your face that produces most oil. This includes your forehead and nose.


This is great news for contouring fans! Many women consider contouring heavy-makeup. This is not correct, but it's not always true!

If you use a dark color to contour your face, it will not show up clearly in a photograph.

To balance your face, contour your nose and the outer sides of your face using a light brown contouring product. To create a natural look, you can blend the contouring powder with a large fluffy brush.

Matte eyeshadows and eyeliner

For passport photo shoots, you should use matte eyeshadow to give your eyes a more defined appearance. Eye makeup should only be done in neutral tones, such as brown beige or light brown. Avoid glitter eye shadow.

You can also add a little color to your outer V. This will increase the size of your eyes. It's best to draw an eyeliner that is thin and close to the upper lash line. Add a small wing to the end. Do not try to create dramatic eye-liner designs or a wing that is too long.

Neutral lip color

This is also true for the color of your lips that you should use in your passport photo. A deeper, more subtle color would work well. You need to portray a trustworthy image in your passport photo or ID photo. This is why you should use a neutral lipstick and cover the entire lip.

Lip liner is not the best way to give your lips a fuller look. We want to stress again that your passport photo will be used to identify you. Don't choose anything that would make you look unusual.

Correct hair parting

Although this tip is unlikely to be new, it is still important. Your passport photo should show your face as symmetrical and balanced as possible. But not everyone has symmetrical faces, and that's perfectly normal.

This tip is for you: Try a side parting for your hair, instead of putting your hair in the middle. A middle part is not a good idea for passport or ID photos. It only emphasizes facial asymmetry. You don't have to follow any passport style guidelines for hairstyle. However, you should keep your hair neat and in place.

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We want to end with the last tip to help you avoid the passport photo nightmare. is a step-by_step guide on how to create a DIY passport photo.

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FAQ: Passport makeup tips and guidelines

This section will cover the most frequently asked questions about makeup on passport photos.

Is it possible to wear makeup on a passport photo?

You can, but don't go overboard. Consider the makeup you would wear to an interview for a job.

Apply a little foundation to conceal any imperfections or blemishes, apply mascara to brighten your eyes and choose a natural blush.

Avoid makeup products that contain UV filters as they can cause a flashback/white cast effect.

Makeup for passport photos should be natural looking. It should not make you appear dramatic.

Is it possible to wear eyelashes on a passport photo?

Passport photos should not include fake eyelashes. Fake eyelashes can alter your natural appearance and even obscure your eyes.

Is it possible to wear eyeliner on a passport photo

It's okay to do it, but don't overdo it. A thin, barely-thereline should be applied to your eyelids (best to begin in the middle and work outwards), with a slight wing at its end. For your passport photo, don't use cat-eye makeup.

What happens if your passport photo shows you have acne?

Use a concealer stick or foundation to cover up acne before you take your passport picture. You should not edit or apply filters to your passport photo. It may be rejected.

How do you look great in a passport picture?

Natural makeup can make you look great in your passport photo.

Take care of your hair.

Cover up any imperfections on your face with a concealer stick. It won't make it look cakey or cakey.

Attention all men out there: Keep your beard and goatee neat and clean.

What are the rules and regulations for taking a passport picture?

Natural makeup is best for passport photos. Choose matte makeup and neutral colors such as browns and beiges. To conceal imperfections, you can use a concealer stick. Make sure to use brown-tinted mascara.

False eyelashes, lipsticks, and bright/neon shadows are not acceptable. Do not wear too much makeup and avoid excessive hairstyles.

Do I need to wear makeup for biometrics purposes?

You can, but keep it natural and low-key. Think of what makeup you would wear to an interview for a job at the office.

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