Get Passport Photos from CVS or the Post Office

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Take passport photos at post office

There are more than a thousand locations where you can apply for your first passport renewal or issue. You can also have your passport photographed at most of these locations. Check their website for more information.

It is very easy: simply go to the appropriate post office and give your forms for the U.S. Passport to the clerk. In less than thirty minutes, they will process your paperwork and take your photo.

Photos of the USPS passport are $15 and will be used directly for your application.

You can be certain that your passport photos will be accepted by authorities even in this situation.

They will attach the passport photo to your application, but they won't give you a digital or physical copy. You cannot simply take a passport photo and send it off elsewhere.

Take passport photos at CVS

You can have your U.S. passport printed at many CVS Pharmacy locations across the country. You can have your passport taken or printed at many CVS Pharmacy locations across the country.

You don't need to book an appointment to take CVS photos. Just find one and go. You may not find all locations offering passport photo services. To avoid an unnecessary trip, you can check with them by calling or visiting their website.

It should not be difficult to locate the right CVS in your area. There are thousands of locations across the USA that will print passport photos.

It takes about 10-15 minutes. Once it's your turn they will take a photo and print as many copies as you need.

Two passport photos at CVS cost $14.99 You will not receive a digital copy of your passport because you only pay for the printed copies.

Professional photographers will take the pictures so that you are assured of their quality. If your passport photo is rejected in an unusual case, you can get a new one at CVS for free.

It is also possible to print passport photos at CVS. All you need is a flashdrive with your digital images. Prices for this service vary depending on the format and quantity. We'll get to that in a moment.

AiPassportPhoto: How to Save Money on Passport Photos?

Both services can quickly provide passport-photo ready pictures, as you can see. The prices are quite high at CVS at $14.99 and $15 at the post office at $15.

You might also need to travel for between 30-40 minutes, or spend at least $5 more on a bus ticket or train ticket.

You can easily get the images you need with AiPassportPhoto for as low as $4.99. Get our app for Android and iOS devices, and you're good to go!

After you take the photo, our AI will analyze the image according to passport photo requirements. The photo will be automatically cropped and placed with the correct background in a matter of seconds. All this is done from the comfort of home.

You can then decide whether you would like the photos printed and sent to you or if they are available for download immediately.

AiPassportPhoto will give you access to digital photos that can be used in any other applications.

The quickest and easiest way to get passport photos cheaply is through PPO.

If you need printed passport photo, you can use the photo sheet provided by aipassportphoto.com and order passport photo from CVS/Walgreen/Amazon for just $0.38. "

Photos of passports at CVS and Post Office - Summary

The reliable passport photo service is offered by both the USPS and CVS Pharmacy, although there are some differences.

CVS offers a faster service than the other that will allow you to obtain the passport photos you require in a matter of minutes.

Prices are nearly the same: $14.99 to get CVS passport photos; $15 to get USPS passport photos.

Unfortunately, neither of these services allow you to print digital images at your convenience.

AiPassportPhoto allows you to save time and money while still ensuring that your photos will be accepted by authorities.


What is the cost of a passport photo at the Post Office

$15 for a U.S. passport photograph at the post office

What is the cost of a CVS passport photograph?

A U.S. passport picture can be taken at a CVS shop for $14.99

How can I find out if my passport photo will be accepted by the Post Office?

Visit their website to find out more or call them. Many post offices offer both passport photo and application services.

How many passport photos can you get from CVS?

Two copies of your passport photograph will be provided by a CVS shop.

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo