Will the passport number change when I renew my passport?

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When is it time to renew your passport?

The validity of adult US passports is ten years. You must renew your passport at least six months before it expires. However, it can be renewed up to one year after that. Why so quickly? The reason is that when you enter a country, the country you are entering requires at most six months of validremaining passport. This way, if anything unexpected happens to your departure plans (such a hospitalization), you still have time on your passport.

You should factor this into your renewal plan as the renewal process can take anywhere from 12 to 18 weeks. I recommend that you submit your renewal application nine months before the expiration date of your passport.

If your current passport is lost, stolen, or damaged, you will also need to apply to get a new one.

What should you do with your new passport?

You will find a few tips and tricks to help you with your replacement or new passport. But first, I want you to remember your passport number. Your passport number does not have to be printed on personal checks.

However, you still need to do some things. Make high-quality, color photocopies (in good quality) of the information page for your passport. Keep one at home, keep one in your bag, and then give the other to your next-of-kin for an emergency backup.

Next, visit any websites that you use to travel. These sites may have your passport number, such as TSA Precheck, Global Entry, TSA PreCheck and your frequent flyer accounts, or hotel loyalty programs. These accounts should be updated with your new passport number. You can update your passport number to a spreadsheet that contains your account numbers, usernames, and passwords.

You will also need to add your new passport number to any visa applications or flights you are planning to take.

A nice passport cover will protect your passport. Protecting your passport is important. A distinctive cover will help you quickly identify your passport. A few other items you can keep in your passport's cover include an international driver's licence, an emergency credit card and a vaccination certificate.

Secure your passport in a safe location. It should always be on your person when you travel. Consider investing in a pickpocketproof pouch. Keep it safe by storing it in your desk drawer or safety deposit box when you are not using it.

What should you do with your old passport?

Don't throw away, lose, or destroy your passport. It is an important travel document. There may be valid visas in your passport that you are still using. In this case you will need to take the expired passport along with you on your trip. Take photocopies of your passport and the visa pages. Staple them to the other photocopies.

You can keep an expired passport in your suitcase's lining. If your passport is lost or stolen, the passport can be used as a photo ID to get a replacement or emergency passport. Remember to take the passport with you when you replace luggage.

Old passports are great memories and keepsakes. It is fun to go through your old passports and reflect on all the places you visited in your twenties. This is how I looked when I was 15.


If you have a passport or are currently a passport holder, you will already be familiar with the main rules for passport photos. Dress nice but not too much. Face the camera by sitting straight up. Do not smile at the camera. Some things are permanent.

However, one thing has changed is the availability of fun online photo tools that allow you to quickly and easily take your passport photos at your convenience.

Aipassportphoto is a simple-to-use smartphone app/web app. The app will check your photo for compliance with US government standards. The app can remove your living area from the background and replace it with a perfect, plain white background. Print the final image and save it to your computer.

Look up your number and get to know your name

There are many numbers in our heads, including telephone numbers, birthdates and anniversaries, combination locks, lottery numbers, and numbers that will be winners one day. I don't know if you are as busy as me, but I will forget the last four numbers of my Social Security number. Don't even bother to memorize your passport number. It will change in ten more years.


Do I have to keep my passport number secret like my Social Security Number?

It's unnecessary. Your passport number does not pose a security risk. It is more similar to your driver's licence number that you might have printed on personal checks.

What about an ePassport?

The "ePassport", which is the same as a regular passport book, has a computer chip inside the cover. This chip stores your biometric information, such as your photo, and provides additional security. Soon, all passports will be ePassports.

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo