Is my passport valid with my maiden name?

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After marriage, a passport bearing a maiden name can be used

If your passport is damaged or altered in any way, it may be invalidated. This applies to both external damage and any other significant changes in the passport's appearance. There is an additional category for name changes, especially when a passport has a maiden or married name.

In most cases, your husband's last name will change to your maiden name or it will be a combination of your maiden and spouse's names. This technically creates a new name.

This does not mean that your maiden name is no longer valid. Unless a court rules otherwise, your original family name will remain with you.

In this scenario, two people marry and the bride can identify herself with her maiden name. The passport will still be valid. While it is recommended that you apply for a passport renewal using your new name, this is not necessary. You can still use your passport until it expires.

Traveling with maiden names on a passport

Your old passport does not automatically lose its validity when your spouse changes their name. What if your passport is no longer valid after your marriage name change?

You shouldn't have any problems traveling with a passport under your maiden name in most cases. The officers don't have any information about your marital status and it is not illegal to possess a passport under the pre-marriage names. You should be able travel in almost all circumstances, especially when you are traveling by sea or land.

You should remember one thing if you are planning to fly by plane, especially if it is international. TSA regulations require that your travel document be the same name and type as your airline ticket.

To avoid being denied entry, you must book your ticket in your maiden name if your passport has not been updated. These regulations were created by the TSA in response to September 11th.

According to U.S. government guidelines, you can only identify yourself with your previous passport if you can show proof of the progress of your name changes.

This document could be either an original or certified copy your marriage certificate. This document is important if you intend to use a passport bearing your maiden name.

After divorce, returning to passport with maiden name

Another scenario could prove difficult to legitimize. What happens if I get divorced and want to go back to my maiden name What if I get divorced and want to revert to my maiden name?

It all depends.

You cannot return to your old passport if your passport was renewed under your new name during marriage. This is because your passport will have an indication of which document it's replacing once it is renewed. Your previous passport will be invalidated. You must apply for a new passport under your maiden name if you want to get one again.

If your passport was not updated after the marriage, you can still use it. It is still valid as a passport. The document is still considered a valid passport.

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Passport with maiden name - safer than sorry

While there is no obligation to change your passport name after you marry, it is a strongly recommended move by the authorities.

Every time you need to identify yourself with an old passport, you may be required to provide a document that explains the progress of your name change. Even if you are just looking for some peace of mind, it's worth going to a passport agency to renew your passport. Your new passport photo is only a few clicks away.

FAQ: Passport with maiden name

Is it possible to use a passport that has a maiden surname?

When traveling, you can use your maiden name on your passport. When you travel, your passport must be accompanied by your maiden name.

You can cross the border with a passport bearing a maiden surname.

It is possible to travel with your maiden names on a passport. It is possible to travel with a passport that bears your maiden name. However, you must ensure that the passenger and passport names match.

Can you keep your maiden name on your passport?

Your previous passport with your maiden name can be kept. If you renew your passport it will be issued with the current legal name.

Can you keep your maiden name on your passport?

Your previous passport with your maiden name can be kept. If you renew your passport, your legal name will be printed on it.

Can a passport be used with a maiden surname?

It is valid as long as the passport you use to identify yourself is not expired. It is legal if the document's expiry date has not exceeded.

What is the maximum time you can take to update your passport name after getting married?

After getting married, there is no legal requirement to change your name on your passport. You can keep your passport with your maiden name until it expires. If you choose to keep your passport, be sure to book your airline tickets in your maiden names (names on the ticket must match the passport).

Is it possible to have my maiden and married names on my passports?

Your name on the ticket must match your passport. If you haven't updated your passport since marriage, you must make reservations that require passport verification (e.g. airline tickets) in your maiden name.

You can fly with a maiden sur your passport.

Yes, your maiden name can be used on your passport. When booking, please use your maiden name. Your name on the ticket as well as on your passport must match.

Can I travel on a honeymoon in my maiden name with a passport?

Yes, you can travel on a honeymoon in your maiden name with a passport. You don't have to change your passport immediately. However, you can continue using your current passport until it expires. When making reservations such as for airline tickets, be sure to include your maiden name so that your booking name matches the passport.



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