Dress code for passport photos

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U.S. passport photo dress code

The U.S. Embassy passport photo is best to wear your everyday, casual clothes. It is best to wear your casual everyday clothes for the U.S. passport photo.

It is best to dress in your normal clothing, as per U.S. State Department regulations. Similar recommendations can be found in the regulations of almost any country.

While you are allowed to wear a fancy shirt or tie, you shouldn't overdress.

Do not forget that your passport photo will be cropped to meet official standards. It will show your face only and a little bit of your shoulders. Passport photographs are a document that can only be used to identify you.

Here are 7 things to avoid when dressing for a U.S. passport picture

However, there are some prohibited items of clothing for passport photos. Check out the following list and dress accordingly.

  1. Uniforms and camouflage clothing: You are prohibited from wearing uniforms or clothing that resembles a uniform. Even a T-shirt, it is forbidden to wear camouflage clothing.
  2. Your glasses must be removed when taking the passport photo. No matter if you have glasses on your face or in hair, they are not allowed. However, there is one exception to the rule: glasses for medical purposes. More information will be provided below.
  3. Head coverings and hats: You must not wear any type of head covering, no matter if it's a baseball cap or fancy fedora. This rule is not absolute. There are exceptions to the rule. More information below.
  4. Hairstyles that cover the eyes or big hair accessories: While there aren't any strict rules regarding hairstyles, one rule is important: hair must not cover your eyes and eyebrows. You must also make sure that no large hair accessories such as headbands or hair clips are visible.
  5. For passport photos, strong makeup is not permitted. This would make it difficult for people to recognize you. You are better to keep your makeup natural or very delicate.
  6. Headphones: It is unlikely that someone would want to take a passport photo while listening to music through headphones. But don't do it. Headphones, and all other gadgets, are strictly prohibited.
  7. Gadgets: You are prohibited from bringing any distracting gadgets into your shot. Electronic devices, toys and other objects are not allowed in your shot. You should wear simple attire with minimal accessories.

You can have 5 items in your passport photos dress code

There is some flexibility in the dress code for passport photos. They are usually only for religious or medical reasons. Please refer to the following list for more information.

  1. You can only wear glasses for medical reasons if your doctor has signed that you require glasses for medical reasons. You are not permitted to wear prescription glasses in any other circumstances.
  2. Hats worn for religious purposes: A similar rule applies to traditional religious clothing. Only a special declaration confirming its legitimacy can be accepted.
  3. Tattoos: There are no restrictions on tattoos. Once you have one, it will become part of your biometric data. You can get tattoos anywhere you want.
  4. Jewelry and Piercings: You are allowed to wear jewelry or piercings so long as they don't cover your face. This will make it hard to identify you.
  5. Hearing aid: If you use hearing aids regularly, you can also have them in your passport photo.

Passport photo dress code: Infants and children

Baby passport photos should be taken in the same way as adults. No hair accessories, glasses or toys allowed.

Your baby can travel with you without having to wear clothes. However, it is recommended that you dress your children casually for the U.S. passport. You are prohibited from using pacifiers, hairpins with colorful designs or any other distractors (even your own hand).

For older children, it is best to wear a casual outfit with no accessories, unless they fall within the above-mentioned categories.

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Passport photo dress code: FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions regarding the dress code for passport photos.

Can I wear a T-shirt on my U.S. passport picture?

A U.S. passport photo can be worn with a T-shirt. It is best to avoid wearing white clothing when choosing colors. The background of your photo will also be white. Except for camouflage shirts, it is better to wear any color.

Are there any dress codes for passport photos taken in the United States?

There is no formal dress code for passport photos in the United States. However, the U.S. Department of State has some guidelines that American citizens should follow. They prohibit heavy makeup, glasses, and other distracting devices. Camouflage and uniforms are also not acceptable. Simple and casual clothing is the best.

What shirt should I wear to take a U.S. passport photograph?

For a U.S. passport photograph, you can wear whatever shirt you like. It is best to avoid wearing white shirts for your passport photo. They may not blend well with the background. You can do the job just fine with a blue or dark shirt.

Are you required to wear a collared shirts for U.S. passport photos?

You don't have to wear a collared top for U.S. passport photo. The U.S. Department of State recommends that you wear your everyday clothes. A basic T-shirt is sufficient.

Can I wear a sweater on my U.S. passport picture?

Yes, sweaters are allowed in passport photos of the United States.

Do I need to wear a suit when taking a U.S. passport photograph?

You don't have to wear a suit when taking a U.S. passport picture. It is much better to wear casual everyday clothes like a T-shirt and a regular shirt.

Are you able to show your shoulders on a U.S. passport photograph?

Yes, your shoulders may be visible on a U.S. passport photograph. Keep in mind that U.S. passport photos can only show a small portion of your shoulders. Strapless tops can create the illusion of being naked in the photo. A regular shirt is better.

What is the best color for a U.S. passport picture?

Any color that you consider appropriate for a U.S. passport picture can be worn. Two important points are worth mentioning. The background of your photo will be completely white so clothing of the same hue may not work well. You cannot wear camouflaged patterns on clothing. You can choose from dark gray through green, yellow or blue.

Are passport photos allowed to show hats?

You cannot wear hats on passport photos. Except for traditional religious attire, headcoverings are not allowed.

Is it possible to wear a uniform on a U.S. passport?

You cannot wear uniforms on U.S. passport photos. You cannot wear uniforms, whether they are administrative, military or from your company.

Are you allowed to wear tank tops on passport and ID photos?

Tank tops are allowed in ID photos. Keep in mind that ID photos are cropped so that only a small portion of your shoulders is visible, some pieces of clothing can create the illusion that you are naked.

Can I wear a white shirt on my US passport photo?

White shirts are not allowed in passport photos. A passport photo in the United States has a completely white background. Therefore, a white shirt might not look good with the rest. It is acceptable to wear white shirts but it is better to avoid them.

Is it important what you wear for a U.S. passport picture?

It does not matter what you wear for your U.S. passport picture. There is no formal dress code for passport photos, but there are certain pieces of clothing, such as uniforms, camouflages and head coverings, that are prohibited. You should wear everyday clothes and no accessories.

Summary: Passport photo dress code

For a passport photo, daily wear are best.

A passport picture can last you a decade. If you're tempted to try the latest fashion trends in your passport photo, remember that what is trendy today may not be fashionable in a year. You are better off sticking with safe and traditional options than worrying about awkwardness in the future when trends change.

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