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Walgreens One Hour Picture Printing - How it Works

Walgreens will print your photos in less than an hour. To do this, visit their website and create an online account. After you're done, go to the section devoted to their photo services.

You'll see all of the options available for size, layout and paper quality. Select the one that you want and then click the "create now". Upload the photos and select the details that you prefer. You can create simple photo prints in a variety of sizes, canvas prints or passport photos.

After you have entered all your options, you can choose to have them sent (in 3-5 days) or picked up at your local Walgreens pharmacy. You have same-day or 1 Hour options for most products.

Walgreens 1 Hour Photo - Prices

The size and composition of the Walgreens photo print service will affect the price.

  • Simple prints of 4x4 inches up to 8x10 inches can be purchased for $0.25-$3.99
  • Standard posters, collage posters and calendars cost $11.99
  • U.S. U.S. passport photos cost $14.99 per image
  • Cards can be printed starting at $2.99
  • Canvas prints can be purchased for as low as $39.99 depending on their size.
  • Photo books starting at $29.99

Walgreens also sells many other photo products such as frames and wood prints. Prices vary from case to case and generally range between $20 and $40.

You might find discounted packages on the internet marketplace.

Walgreens photo locations one hour

You may be wondering, "Where can I find a Walgreens that has a one-hour photo?" It's not difficult to find a Walgreens pharmacy near you that will take your prints.

According to the official website of Walgreens, there are approximately 9,021 Walgreens stores in U.S. territory. 78% of Americans live within five miles of one of their stores. You will find many pickup locations close to your home, especially if you are a resident of a large city.

You can get prints from your Walgreens if you are on a tight schedule. They will deliver them the next day.

Walgreens photo app for one hour

You can also print photos from the Walgreens app. It is available on both Google Play and the Apple app store. You will need to use the same process as on the website: Pick your product, upload photos, select the details and choose the pickup location.

You can print photos at Walgreens anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Alternatives to Walgreens 1 Hour Photo

Walgreens isn't the only chainstore that offers same-day pickup for photos. The 1 Hour Photo Service at Walmart is the first that comes to my mind and it's the most popular in the USA. It works very similar to the Walgreens service.

There is an alternative way to obtain a passport photograph on the same day.

You can use AiPassportPhoto to take photos of your passport or other official documents.

AiPassportPhoto allows you to easily follow all requirements for passport photos. Built-in AI analyzes the photos and will tell you if they are suitable for use. It will remove the background and crop the image to the required size in just 3 seconds.

AiPassportPhoto allows you to try as many combinations as you like, and you don't have to pay anything extra for each one.

This app allows you to create templates for multiple passport photos. You can print the 4x6 format at Walgreens for $0.25 if you choose it!

Walgreens photo for one hour - conclusion

Walgreens Pharmacy allows you to print photos in a few minutes online or in-store. You can access this service on both the Walgreens website and the Walgreens app for photo printing. You can pick up most products in one hour or the next day by simply choosing your local Walgreens.

AiPassportPhoto allows you to take passport photos anywhere you like. All you need is a smartphone or digital camera. You can print 4 passport photos using the template at 4x6 inches for $0.25


We will answer all your questions about the Walgreens pharmacy 1 Hour Photo Service.

Is Walgreens equipped with a one-hour photo?

You can order prints through the photo app or the official website and get same-day delivery.

How much does Walgreens charge for "1-hour photo printing?"

Prices can vary depending upon the size of the print, its surface and the composition. Standard pictures cost $0.25 to $3.99 for prints.

Is Walgreens still able to take one-hour photos?

Yes, you can access the service online via the official website and the app.

What is the speed Walgreens prints one-hour photos?

Walgreens photo processing usually takes around an hour. Most products can be picked up the same day.

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