Mexican Passport Renewal in the U.S.- Walkthrough

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Mexican passport renewal requirements

Once you have verified that your document is valid, you will need to obtain:

  • An OP-5 form
  • 2 (Two) 3.5 x 45.5 cm Mexican passport photo
  • Your current Mexican passport
  • One-sided photocopies (page 32) of the first five pages and last page of your passport
  • Payment for fees: $74 for 3 (three), years, $101 6 (sixteen) years.

If the applicant is minor, they must be accompanied by at minimum one parent or legal guardian. Additional documents are required.

  • Original and photocopy of the birth certificate or letter to naturalization
  • Valid Mexican passport for parents/legal guardians that can provide proof of identity

Mexican passport renewal appointment

The requirements for a passport renewal appointment at the Mexican consulate vary depending on which office you call. Some offices will let you set it up online, while others will require that you do it in person.

You can however make an appointment through the MEXITEL Helpline to visit any Mexican consulates or embassy. This service is available by calling 877-639 4835 or via their online portal. MEXITEL is a standardization of the process for renewing and issuing a Mexican passport. It's accessible from anywhere in the world.

Mexican passport renewal process

Once you have received your appointment and all supporting documents, you can go to the consulate in person at the set-up time and date. The process cannot be completed online.

The consular clerk will need to sign the OP-5 form. Once they have reviewed the form, you are allowed to sign it. The renewal fees can be paid by:

  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Certified check.

The process should take only a few minutes if everything is in order. You will be informed when your passport can be picked up.

The application will be processed by the Mexican government in Mexico City and the passport sent back to the consulate. The average processing time is between one (0ne) to four (four) weeks. It can take less time if there are fewer requests.

To take photos for your application, you can use Aipassportphoto. They will be checked by our advanced Artificial Intelligence according to the official requirements.

FAQ: Renewal of the mexican passport

We will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding renewing a Mexican passport in America to make sure you understand everything.

The summary of renewing a Mexican passport

The process to renew a Mexican passport can be completed from any location in the U.S.

You can make an appointment via MEXITEL by calling or online. After gathering the necessary documents, your new document will be ready in less than a month.

If your passport is still valid, you can apply. If your passport expires, you will need to apply for a standard issue. This requires additional documents to prove your citizenship and identity. Passport Photo Online allows you to take flawless passport photos using your smartphone.

Can I renew my Mexican passport prior to it expiring?

A Mexican passport can only be renewed if it is still valid. You must apply again for a new issuance once your passport expires.

How do I renew my Mexican passport?

Set up an appointment at your nearest Mexican consulate. You will need to bring the completed OP-5 form, two (two) passport-sized photos, your current passport and photocopies pages 1 (one), 5 (five), and 32 (thirtytwo).

Can I renew my Mexican passport online?

A Mexican passport can only be renewed if it is still valid. You must apply again for a new issuance once your passport expires.

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