What to do I lost my passport and I have to fly tomorrow!

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I lost my passport, but I'm flying domestically.

Don't panic! You don't need a passport to fly if you are within the United States. While you may prefer the convenience of having your passport serve as your photo ID at airports, any government-issued ID will suffice to allow you to board your plane. This applies to all 50 US States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

This applies to all US overseas territories, including Guam, American Samoa and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands or CNMI in the Pacific. Puerto Rico is also included. The three US Virgin Islands (St Thomas and St John) are in the Caribbean. Enjoy your trip and make sure you have a new passport for when you return.

To replace a lost passport you will need to complete a form DS 64 (lost or stolen passport).

While I'm still in the US, I plan to fly internationally.

This is a serious problem. For overseas travel, a passport is essential. Without a passport, you will not be allowed to board an international flight.

Some old-timers, like me, may recall when it was possible to travel to Canada or Mexico without a passport. But those days are long gone. Even if you were able to sweet-talk your way onto an outbound flight, what would you do when you got there? Each passenger arriving in the USA must show a passport. What can you do to get your passport stamped upon arrival in the USA?

Bad news You're going to cancel/postpone your trip. I hope that you purchased trip insurance to reimburse some of the cost of your flights.

How long do you have to delay your international trip? It can take quite a while. It can take up 18 weeks for your passport to arrive at your home due to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Even expedited service, which costs $60 more, can take up to 12 weeks from the time you submit your application until it is delivered to your home.

My passport was lost or stolen abroad, what should I do?

Uh-oh. Uh-oh. This passport will be issued at the nearest US consulate or embassy. So get out there and start getting around. You can call them to report your passport stolen or lost, and they'll tell you what to do. If you have a flight the next day, they will assist you as quickly as possible.

The DS-11 passport application form and the DS 64 "lost/stolen passport" form will be filled out at the embassy. In the case of theft, provide the consular staff with the travel itinerary (plane ticket/boarding passes) and the police report. They will also require a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or birth certificate, as well as proof of citizenship.

One (1) acceptable U.S. color will be required. Passport photo. The embassy will not take your photo. You have to do this yourself. There are many great apps online that will allow you to transform your smartphone into a passport photo booth. Take a picture of yourself on the train or bus to the Embassy, then print it at the nearest office supply or copy shop and take your photo with you.

If you have urgent travel plans (such as a flight that is scheduled for the next day), an embassy or consular staff will issue you an emergency passport to allow you to continue your trip. If you need money, they can lend you money. You will need to return to the States to exchange your emergency passport for a regular one and repay the loan.

Keep your old passport or birth certificate

These are some best practices that savvy travelers should follow to avoid this problem. To have your current passport but not having to renew it is. To process your replacement passport, the embassy will accept an old passport as identification.

If your passport is not expired, a photocopy of it is the best thing you have. Leave one copy with your next-of-kin in America, who will be able to fax it to the Embassy in case of an emergency. Keep a photocopy of your birth certificate in your bag and give a copy to your parents.


AiPassportPhoto is the best option for a quick and cheap passport photo. It will be accepted at any American consulate or embassy near you. The online application guides you through the process, and ensures that your final photo meets all government specifications.

You only need a smartphone and a blank wall to create a background. The advanced features include a background-removal tool that will transform any background (such a back seat of an Uber) into a uniform white background.


Let's now look at common solutions to the lost passport issue. You might find the right answer for you in the FAQ section.

What should I do if my passport is lost before I fly?

Is a passport required? You can use another type of identification to board your plane if you're flying domestically. If you're flying internationally, however, you will need a passport. Keep looking, if your passport is not found, you might have to cancel international travel plans.

What should I do if I forget my passport?

Get it back. Even if you have to cancel your flight, it is not a problem. Reschedule your flight and get your passport.

What next if I lose my passport on an international flight?

To board international flights, you will need to have a passport. You have enough time to get a new passport if your flight is delayed for more than 2 (two) or 3 (3 (three) months.

You can request an "urgent" appointment at a U.S. Passport Agency if your flight is less than 14 days.

You can apply for an emergency passport in 72 hours if there is a "life-or-death emergency" within your immediate family. For an appointment, call 1+877-487-27778

What should I do if my passport was lost at the airport?

It's normal to feel a sudden sinking sensation when something like this happens. But try to keep your cool. You can go back and trace your steps. Perhaps it was lost in your bathroom break. You might be able to find it if you are lucky. If not, someone will return your passport.

If you are unlucky, or your passport is stolen, you need to get it replaced as soon as you can.

You should contact the U.S. Department of State, or your nearest consulate or Embassy, if you're abroad.

If you're still in the U.S. you can report the theft to the Transportation Security Administration representative. They will give you advice on how to proceed. Contact the appropriate authorities through your airline.

How to recover a passport that was stolen during flight

It is terrible to have this happen. However, there are steps you can take. If you're still in the U.S. and suspect that someone stole your belongings, they can help you to report it to the Transportation Security Administration. They will then give you advice on how to proceed. You should contact the U.S. Department of State (or nearest consulate) immediately if you're abroad.

2 days before I traveled, my passport was stolen.

You may be eligible for an emergency passport if you are in a "life-or-death emergency" within 48 hours. To make an appointment, call 1+877-487-27778. If you do not have a genuine emergency, you will need to cancel any international travel plans for at most 7 (or seven) weeks before you can get a new passport.

My passport was stolen 3 days before I traveled. What should I do?

You may be eligible for an emergency passport if you are in a "life-or-death emergency" within 72 hours. To make an appointment, call 1+877-487-27778. If you do not have a genuine emergency, you will need to cancel any international travel plans for at most 7 (or seven) weeks before you can get a new passport.

After reporting my passport lost, I found it. Can I still use it?

No. No. This is done to prevent identity theft. You will have new problems if you try to travel with a passport you've lost. Don't do it.

Can I fly with a photo of my passport?

A photo of your passport will not suffice to allow you to board the plane. It is an idea to keep a photo of your passport just in case you have to replace it.

I have lost my passport. Tomorrow I fly to Canada.

All passengers who fly into or out of Canada must possess a valid passport book. This does not include the passport card. You could try to fly domestically from Canada by using your passport card, or your driver's licence photo ID. This will work for some people but it won't be practical.

My old passport was lost a few years back when I moved. Can I renew it now?

No. You must have the old passport in order to renew you passport. You will need to apply for a new passport if you don't already have it. You must report lost passports using the DS 64 "lost/stolen passport" form.

It takes 7 weeks to get "expedited" delivery. Can I get an extra-expedited service for a new passport in a matter of days?

An emergency service can help you get a passport within 72 hours. However, this is only for life or death situations: medical emergency or death in the immediate family.

To visit any of the 26 passport agencies (not a postal office), you must make an appointment. To make an appointment, call 1+877-487-27778.

Do I have to file a report with the police about a passport stolen?

No. It is not necessary to get a police report on a stolen passport.

What happens if I don’t have an older passport or a next-of-kin to keep copies of my documents? Any other suggestions?

Save high-quality scans from your most important documents (passports, birth certificates, driver's licences) to a USB thumb drive. Keep them somewhere they won't be lost or stolen.

Upload them all to your cloud service. Take photos of the documents and save them to your phone. It's also a smart idea to sign up STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program).


Show respect to your passports. Keep them safe. Keep your passports safe when you aren't traveling.

Always keep your passport with you when traveling: in your purse, in your pocket or in a pickpocket-proof bag. Your passport is often lost so don't carry it around in your luggage. Instead, carry copies of your passport and birth certificate as well as your driver's license in your luggage. You won't lose your passport or your luggage simultaneously, it is possible.

This was all the hard way I learned. It doesn't matter if you don't. This article will help you know what to do in an emergency and how to avoid potentially dangerous complications. Please leave your stories about lost passports in the comments section below.

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