Here's what you need to know about FedEx Office Passport Photo Service

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FedEx - An easier option

FedEx, like many U.S. pharmacies can print your photo as soon as it's taken. They have skilled staff and should be able quickly to print a photo that is acceptable. They can also print your passport application (DS-112 or DS-82) as well as make copies of any supporting documents (such a birth certificate, marriage certificate, and driver's licence). FedEx is a convenient and attractive option.

FedEx offices are open later than post offices, so you don't have to make an appointment. FedEx usually opens on weekends too. Not all FedEx locations offer passport photo services. Make sure you check before you go.

Pictures the same price as post office

FedEx Office will print and take passport photos for $15 USD. This is approximately the same price as you would pay at the U.S. Post Office. Your FedEx Office is not a Passport Acceptance Facility, however, unlike the Post Office. If this is your first passport, or if you have an expired passport that is older than five years, you will need to submit the DS-11 Passport Application form in-person at an authorized Passport Acceptance Facility. The Acceptance Facility is usually located at the US Post Office. However, it could also be found in your local county clerk's offices.

FedEx Office is a great way to save time and money when renewing a passport that is soon to expire or an existing one. FedEx will take your photo and make a copy of it. Then, your friendly FedEx clerk will print your DS82 passport renewal form and photocopy the supporting documents. Finally, you can send it off via overnight shipping to get a package price. The package price for the full-service deal starts at $109, which can be quite expensive.

FedEx also offers expedited renewals of passport for those in serious hurry. However, their prices are quite high. The price for expedited service starts at $189, and it goes up from there.

Taking your own photo is even more affordable

FedEx Office can print a passport photo for you if you are looking to save money or if you don't have a FedEx Office near you. FedEx Office can print your color photo on glossy paper for as little as a few dollars if you bring in a USB drive. FedEx will ensure that your photo is the right size and has proper saturation and contrast.

When taking your passport photo, all you need to do is make sure the image is suitable for passport purposes. Don't smile, comb your hair, take off your glasses and hat. A good passport photo is important. Bad photos are the #1 reason passport applications get denied. There are online tools that can help you take your passport photo.


An online app like AiPassportPhoto makes it easy to get the perfect shot. It also costs a lot less than your local pharmacy or big-box store. The app scans your photo for suitability. It doesn't need to see any smiles, hair, or funny expressions. The application will crop your photo to the right dimensions if it detects a suitable picture.

The best part is that the background removal tool replaces the original background with the uniform background required by U.S. Department of State. It's quite cool. It's fast, easy, and cheap.

Take the perfect passport photo and download it. Then, go to your FedEx Office and they will print it. Congratulations, You just saved over 10 (ten) dollars.

FedEx Office passport photo: FAQ

You may still have questions regarding FedEx Office or their services. Please continue reading. This section might have the answer to your questions.

FedEx Office accepts credit and debit cards.

Yes, FedEx Office accepts plastic for services.

FedEx Offices are open at all hours

However, many remain open late into the night (23.00).

Do I need to make a FedEx appointment for a passport appointment?

You don't need to make an appointment. FedEx welcomes customers who come in without appointment.

What FedEx passport coupon can I use?

FedEx offers online coupons for its customers. Register at fedex.com for more information.

Does FedEx print passport photos?

Yes, FedEx prints passport photos. FedEx will print passport photos from your thumb drive, smartphone, or you can have it taken at the location. Your $15 fee for a photo will include a digital copy.

FedEx can you take a passport picture?

Yes, FedEx Office can take and make passport photos. For $15, you can have the photo taken and sent to the government.

Does FedEx do passport photo printing?

FedEx will print your passport photo for $15. A 4"x6" photograph can be printed for a fraction of the price. AiPassportPhoto offers a free online template that allows you to create a 4x6 photo with 2 (or more) passport photos. These can be printed at a low price at FedEx and Walmart.


FedEx is a well-respected and reliable company. It's great to see FedEx improve their services in passports and photo services.

FedEx Office is a great way to save money on your trip to the US Post Office. However, you will need to pay over 100 dollars for this service. AiPassportPhoto, an online photo booth, can be used to create passport-quality photos. Then, you can have them printed at FedEx Office, or your local drugstore, for a few dollars.

Make US Passport Photo
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