Does Real ID replace a passport for international travel?

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Is a Real ID able to replace a passport?

Passengers must show identification to the Transportation Security Administration, (TSA), when they board a flight that departs from or lands in U.S. territory. Only these documents will be accepted after May 3, 2023.

  • U.S. passport book
  • U.S. passport card
  • DHS Trusted Traveler Card
  • Real ID compliant license
  • Department of Defense ID
  • Border crossing card
  • Permanent resident card

Although you can use other documents, airport security will only accept a Real ID for domestic flights.

Travelers should verify that their driver's licenses are accepted before they travel. A state's Enhanced Driver's License or the Department of Homeland Security is compliant with Real ID. You can verify compliance with your current driver's licence by looking at the "federal limits applicable" section, usually located in the upper right corner.

U.S. citizens below 18 years old (eighteen) who are accompanied by an adult do not require a Real ID document. TSA states that they don't require any identification documents to fly domestically. An airline may ask for proof of age, such as a birth certificate.

Is Real ID able to replace a passport when traveling internationally?

About 18 million Americans will travel overseas in 2021. This is a substantial increase over the 9 million who traveled in 2020 but far less than the 44 million who went in 2019.

International travel is subject to different rules. The only acceptable document to fly to another country is a valid passport. Passport cards, Real ID driver's licences, and any other forms of identification are not accepted. This applies to all passengers regardless of their age.

There are exceptions to the rule when traveling by land or sea. A few neighboring countries permit U.S. citizens cross the border without needing a passport. Specifically:

  • Canada
  • Mexico

Normal circumstances will not allow for a Real ID card or license to be accepted as a travel document.

This exception applies only when crossing the border by car or boat. The authorities recommend that you still bring a passport. It will make crossing easier and may be useful for emergency travel back to the United States.

Only closed-loop cruises in the Caribbean will require a Real ID.

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FAQ: Does the Real ID replace passport?

We'll be answering a few questions regarding documents that are Real ID Act compliant in this section.

Can a Real ID be used to replace a passport?

It is not possible for U.S. citizens to enter Mexico without a Real ID document.

Can a federal Real ID Act driver’s license be used in place of a passport to travel overseas?

International travel requires a valid passport. It is not possible to travel internationally without a valid passport or a standard driver's licence.

Can a Real ID be used to replace a Canadian passport?

A Real ID-compliant ID card or license is not acceptable for crossing the border into Canada.

Is Real ID in Washington State able to replace a passport

No. Real ID can only be used to fly domestically and enter federal facilities.

Is a California Real ID able to replace a passport?

Real ID can't be used to cross border, it can only be used for travel within the U.S.

Is a Real ID able to replace a Florida passport?

A Real ID-compliant document can only be accepted within the United States.

Is a passport able to replace a Real ID?

Yes. A valid U.S. passport is acceptable in all situations that require a Real ID.

Does Arizona Real ID replace a passport?

To travel to the United States, you will need a passport.

Is a Real ID able to replace a passport when you go on a cruise?

Passengers must have a valid passport card or book for closed-loop cruises.

Is a Real ID able to replace a passport? - Summary

Standard driver's licenses or ID cards won't be accepted for domestic travel, nor entry into federal facilities, starting May 3, 2023.

Although they are accepted for these purposes Real IDs cannot replace a passport for international travel. Anyone with a passport can use it for identification. To fly within the United States with your driver's licence, you will need a Real ID. This will allow you to access secure federal facilities.

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