How to save over $7 on passport photos at Walmart?

aipassportphoto.com / 2022-10-29

Get 97% Discount on Walmart Prints

You've probably done some research on where to print and take your passport photo, and what the cost is. You can print your passport photo at photo centers like Walmart and CVS. However, the prices are often too high.

The cost to print a Walmart passport photo at your nearest Walmart is $7.44. Some places charge more for passport photos! It's not worth spending so much on a Walmart passport photo when a passport picture can be printed as a simple photo template . You can print the 4" x 6-inch template for 12¢ at any Walmart photo center.

You don't even need a Walmart coupon or promo code for a Walmart photo! The trick is easy: 4 (four) Walmart passport pictures are available for just 12¢. Our life hack will help you save on Walmart photo printing

You can also save time and money by taking your U.S. passport picture. Continue reading to learn how it's done!

Get a Walmart passport picture for yourself

We want to make your life easier. Here's how we can help. You can take your passport photo by yourself.

  1. Download our photo editor or the Walmart passport photo editing, cropping and editing tool from our site.
  2. Take a photo of the passport photo that you require.
  3. Upload the photo, and wait for the results.
  4. Our U.S. passport photo tool and its algorithm will transform your simple photo into a professional-looking passport template in just a few minutes. Our special U.S. passport photo tool and its algorithm can transform your basic photo into a professional, high-quality 4"x6" passport template.
  5. You now have the 4"x6" template. Print it out and you will receive your passport photos.
  6. Search for "Walmart near you" to find the nearest Walmart store.
  7. For only 12¢, visit the Walmart Photo Center to print the template at 4" x 6.
  8. Our Premium Mail Service allows you to have your passport photo edited, printed and delivered at your home for only $6.95.

The best photo editor app for Android

Our photo booth app is the best for creating professional, high-quality documents photos. Our algorithm will consider all current U.S. passport requirements when editing and framing your photo.

If you are unhappy with the results of your passport photo, you can always review it and get another one! You will save time and money, and you'll be happy with the result.

Get a passport photo fast by downloading our photo booth app. Read the guide to learn more about the passport photo template that measures 4" x 6.

Take passport photos at home

You can choose from several services with our AiPassportPhoto and passport photo app.

It doesn't take too much time or money to find and visit a Walmart store. This is the best way to obtain a passport picture. Our photo editor app for Android will help you save money when taking and printing your passport photos. We will reimburse you 100% the amount you paid if your passport photo is not accepted by the relevant passport office.

The photo booth app lets you create photos for many documents and then review them before purchasing. Get it now!

Get Passport Photos at Walmart for $7 Off

We will answer all your questions about Walmart passport photos in this section.

Does Walmart do passport photos?

You can get passport photos printed at Walmart for $7.44. The cheapest way to obtain your passport photos at Walmart is to make a 4"x6" photo template with us and take it to your nearest Walmart. It will be printed for only 12¢. Four passport photos can be fit in a 4"x6" photo template.

What hours are available for photo sessions at Walmart?

Walmart Photo Centers offer passport photography services between 9 and 8 pm. Some locations also offer passport photos after hours. To find out when you can get your passport photo taken, contact your nearest Walmart store.

Does Walmart print passport photos?

Walmart can print your passport photos.

Walmart can take a photo measuring 2"x2"?

Walmart sells standard passport photos that are 2"x2" in size.

Is Walmart able to provide 1-hour passport photos?

Yes, Walmart offers 1-hour passport photo service.

Walmart allows you to take a passport-sized photo

Walmart sells passport-size (2"x2") photos for $7.44. It would only cost 12¢ to print 4 (four), photos on a template measuring 4"x6". This template can be easily prepared with our app.

Does Walmart do digital passport photos?

You cannot order your passport photos digitally from Walmart. Only passport photo prints are possible.

Does Walmart do ID photos?

Walmart accepts photos that comply with U.S. passport size measurements of 2"x2".

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo