Rite Aid Photo Coupon: 97% Discount on Printed Passport Photos

aipassportphoto.com / 2023-02-21

How to pay 19¢ for Rite Aid passport photos?

Perhaps the first thing you think of when thinking about printing and taking passport photos is to get someone else to do it!

Isn't it too hard and time-consuming to prepare passport photos on your own? You might believe that professional help is necessary, regardless of whether you are a full-time photographer or an employee at the local drugstore's photo department.


It will be a delight to learn that you can take your perfect passport photo using smartphone apps and websites like AiPassportPhoto. Once you have downloaded the digital photo, it is quick and easy for it to be printed at a very low price.

You think it's too low? What if you believed only 19 cents?

It's true! Let me show you how to do it.

Rite Aid charges $7 for a pair of 2x2 inch passport photos. Printing a 4x6 template costs 19¢.

When you want to get cheap passport photo prints, it is important to create a template measuring 4x6 inches that contains several identical passport photos. The template can then be printed as a single postcard-sized photo at the Rite Aid pharmacy or another location that offers photo printing services.

The 4x6 template can also include up to four (4) identical U.S. passport photos. You can print four passport photos from the Rite Aid photo printer service for 19 cents. That's a total of $47.

You now know how to do it! To save money, you don't even need coupons. You can easily take a passport picture without ever leaving your home. What could be easier and more attractive? Scroll down to see more!

How you can take the perfect Rite Aid passport photo by yourself?

It is easy and painless to take your Rite Aid passport picture. You can use our photo booth app or the editing and cropping tools on our website. These steps will allow you to take a U.S. passport picture at home (see tips )

1. Visit the AiPassportPhoto website. Or download our app in Google Play, or the AppStore.

2. You just need to choose the right document for which you require the photo, such as a U.S. passport photograph.

3. Snap a picture and then upload it. Give our algorithm a few moments to transform your photo into a professional-grade, biometric photo. Then edit and validate it.

4. Get your digital passport photo and the 4x6 template with four beautifully edited Rite Aid-style passport photos.

5. You can search online for Rite Aid photos near me and then visit your local Rite Aid. Most Rite Aid pharmacies print photos. Coupons are not required.

6. Print your passport photo template on a 4x6 inch postcard and receive four Rite Aid passport photos for just 19 cents.

7. The 4x6 inch passport template can be ordered and printed. It will then be delivered to you via our Premium Passport-Photo-Mail Service. Want to learn more?

High-quality online passport photo

AiPassportPhoto is the best U.S. passport editing tool you can find. This app allows you to create professional Rite Aid passport photos. It will not require you to be concerned about the passport photo's size or other requirements.

Our AI algorithm will take care of everything. You can review and retake your photo before you purchase the photo booth app. You can take as many photos as you want to ensure that you get the perfect one. There is no additional cost! We guarantee that you will be happy with every passport photo we create for you.

The 4x6 postcard template is automatically generated with four Rite Aid passport photographs and ready for printing. Get our Android photo editor and start using it today!

Make US Passport Photo
Make US Passport Photo