How to Get a British Passport Photo in the U.S.?

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Where to get a British passport?

Although Walgreens and CVS may have teams of passport photographers, their primary focus is on photos from the United States.

UK passport photos must also meet a variety of requirements. These include the required size and additional data. Passport-size photos in the UK measure in millimeters (45x35mm) whereas U.S. passphotos are measured by inches (2x2").

Inaccuracies in passport photos are not allowed. These photos must be exact sizes and proportions. There is no room for error.

With the introduction of online British passport renewals (IDPs), British passport photos must now contain ID photo codes (IDPCs).

UK Passport Photo Code Sample

Most photo centers do not have the knowledge or experience necessary to provide you with a compliant British passport code (photo) to complete your application.

UK Passport Photo and Photo Code Solution

Aipassportphoto.com is an online passport photo service provider. It's the only service that offers passport photo code(IDPC code) outside UK. With aipassportphoto's service, you will be able to get both UK passport photo and UK photo code. 

Are U.S. photo centers able to take British passport photos in their facilities?

Officially, only U.S. passport photos are accepted by pharmacies and retail photo centers. They cannot be used for British passports.

Some locations will provide British passport photos with the help of a third-party printing template. Some stores also offer photo booths where customers can take their own passport photos.

These self-service booths can be used to alter passport size in certain cases. You can choose between the "European" and "British passport sizes of 45 x 35mm.

We recommend contacting your local photo center to verify that they can take British passport photos. Ask about the sizes of British passport photos (45 x 35mm, 1.77"x 1.38") to find out if they are available.

Are passport photos taken by British citizens at photo booths in the U.S.?

Yes and no. Photo booths are made by different companies so some machines can process British passport photos while others cannot.

For U.S. passports, most people only accept 2x2" photos. Some machines can be modified manually to adjust the size of passport pictures. This allows them to meet British passport size requirements of 45x35mm (1.77in x 1.38in).

You can verify the services of a photo booth in your locality by visiting the website of the producer if you are familiar with its brand. The photo booth can also be used to verify that British passport photos are possible.

You can take a photo of your British passport at a U.S. Post Office.

Most likely not. Numerous U.S. Post Office locations also offer passport photo services and passport acceptance offices. The U.S. Post Office focuses exclusively on U.S. passports, both in terms processing the application and taking pictures.

Photography studios may be able to snap a British passport photo

There are many professional passport photo studios located in American cities. These studios are often run by professionals who specialize in photographing passport photos.

One of these studios is where you will find the best photographer to take a British passport photograph.

This approach has its downsides. It can be difficult to find a studio that is qualified to take a British passport picture. Individuals will likely need to make an appointment ahead of time.

Order a British passport picture online

Software that can transform ordinary photos into passport photos allows users to instantly resize images to British passport dimensions. These programs also offer background removal technology and cropping tools, which can transform any photo into a passport photo.

The best way to increase the chance of your passport application being approved is by choosing a reliable passport tool. Passport photos will meet all the official requirements. A reliable tool can reduce the time it takes to take a passport photo. Some tools can even provide a biometric image in a matter of seconds.

Aipassportphoto to obtain a British passport photo

Use Aipassportphoto to get a professionally-reviewed British passport photo in just 1 minute. This app is the best for passport photos. It has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times on Google Play, and received an average Trustpilot rating (4.5).

No matter if you upload your photos to our British passport image tool, or use one our apps to snap photos (available on AndoroidiOS), all photos come with the supplementary code required by the British authorities

Once your photo has been uploaded, we will crop it to the correct size, remove or replace the background and confirm that your passport photo conforms with British standards. This guarantees that your photos are accepted by British passport agents or you get your money back.


We'll end with a few questions on how to get a UK passport-sized photograph in the U.S.

Can I take a photo of my UK passport on my smartphone?

Yes, digital passport photos can be taken using a smartphone by the British government. To ensure your photo meets UK passport standards, you should use a dedicated tool like Aipassportphoto.

Can I get a British passport picture at Walgreens?

Walgreens only offers U.S.-based services. passport photos services. Some stores may be able to take a U.K. photo according to British standards.

Are passport photos from the United States and UK alike in size?

The requirements for passport photos in the U.S. are 2x2" and 1x1.77". You will need to use a passport photo that meets British requirements. A British passport application will reject the standard U.S. passport photograph.

Where can I obtain a UK passport photograph taken in the U.S.?

Many photo booths and stores that sell photo services such as Walmart offer the option to take a UK-sized passport picture. You can also use online tools to take British passport photos like Aipassportphoto.

What is the UK passport size in inches?

Photos for British passports must be 35x45mm. That's 1.37x1.77 inches.

Can I obtain a digital UK passport photo in the U.S.

This option is not available from all services. Walgreens and Walmart offer UK passport photos. However, these photos are only physical. Aipassportphoto allows you to get digital photos that are exactly in line with the HM Passport Office requirements. 

Can an iPhone be used to take a photo of a UK passport?

Yes! Yes! Aipassportphoto allows you to take your passport photos and have them checked against UK Government regulations.

Is there an online tool for taking a UK passport picture?

Aipassportphoto is able to convert a regular photograph into a British passport photo. You will even receive the ID code required to renew your British passport online.

Where can you find IDPC-compliant photographers near you?

Aipassportphoto's mobile app provides users with ID photo codes, (IDPC), that can be used to renew British passports online. You don't have to search far for an IDPC-compliant photog - it's likely in your pocket. idphoto.ai is the UK passport photo code service provider.

How do I get a photo code for my UK passport in the U.S.

Each British passport photo taken with Aipassportphoto includes a unique photo code. This ID photo code (IDPC), can be used for biometric photos to renew British passports online.

Closing thoughts

We recommend that you use Aipassportphoto to make your British passport photos to ensure your passport application is accepted. They will provide ID photo codes for online renewals, and a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the photos. This offers security through expert verification, a 100 percent compliance guarantee

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