Walmart, Walgreens, CVS & Costco or Online service, where is the best place to get passport photos?

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These four stores, Walgreens ,Walgreens ,Costco & CVS Pharmacy, don't require separate introductions. These are the most popular retail chains and drug stores that offer passport photo services in the U.S.

Many of us have probably used a passport photo service at some point in our lives.

And we offer an online service that is dedicated to making passport photo services more convenient.

"Why not compare our services, discuss their pros and draw conclusions to help us decide where the best place is to get passport photos?"

We will be discussing each passport photo service in detail. These services are easy to obtain and they come at a reasonable price.

We are confident that this article will help you make smart decisions when you think about printing passport images. Let's get started.

Passport Photo Services in the United States

Whenever you want to apply for or renew your passport, you will need a passport photo.

The problem here is not the application process, but the rules for the passport photos you submit in your application.

You can't just put any photo on your application.

For security reasons, major countries such as the United States have very strict passport photo requirements. To get the perfect passport size photo, you will need to use a professional passport service.

It can be difficult for travelers and business people to find the best place in America to take passport photos.

But it's 2023 and we have a lot of options, so we at aipassportphoto.com, have tried to compare these services and help you pick the one that suits you better.

Walmart passport photo services

Walmart is one of the country's largest retailer chain and has 4,756 locations across the country. They have currently been offering passport photo services for a longer period of time.

However, unlike their competitors, they allow photo uploads on their website in accordance with US federal guidelines.

Here are some of the things we found out about their passport photo service when we analyzed their website.

1. Does not follow proper metrics

In terms of accuracy, there are no metrics to follow. However, you can crop photos to their custom size on the website.

2. The font about the requirement is too small to read

Despite the fact that they address important requirements on their website it is difficult to read due to its smaller fonts.

3. Home Delivery Option

You have the option to pick up prints at your local Walmart or order them for home delivery.

4. Pricing

They will give you two copies of the printed material for $7.44. This is a reasonable price, and they may charge more if you place an order for home delivery.

Walgreens passport photo services

Walgreens, which is second in size behind CVS , has over 9000+ retail stores across 50 states. These drug stores also offer passport photo services.

They don't offer online services like Walmart. To print and take passport photos, you will need to visit a local store.

We have included some information from their website about their passport photo services.

1. The pricing is too high

They cost $14.99 for two copies and are quite expensive compared to other competitors.

2. These services are not available in all stores.

These services are not available in all U.S stores. They recommend that you call your local store to confirm in advance to make sure they provide the service

3. There is no authorised metric to be followed
They do not claim that their services are accurate and they don't give any information.

4. Find Your Nearest Store

You can search for your closest store on their website.

5. Home Delivery Not Available

We pay almost $15 for online passport photo correction and home delivery.

Photo services Offered by CVS

CVS is another major drugstore chain in America. They have over 9500+ locations across the country and offer passport photo services, similar to Walgreens.

You cannot print passport photos online. However, these services are only available at the closest stores.

These are some things you should remember before you use their services.

1. Accessibility

Because of the widespread presence of these drug shops, the service is more easily accessible than other services in the industry.

2. Pricing & Discount

While they charge $14.99 for their service, it is quite expensive. However, you can get a $2 discount if you use the coupon that they have on their site.

3. KODAK Biometric System Used To Accuracy

According to the website, the photos are corrected using the Kodak biometric system. This is a significant advantage, and it has a higher acceptance rate than other methods.

4. The U.S. Guidelines are clear in their instructions

When compared with other passport photo services, they also clearly narrate the instructions.

5. No Home Delivery Option

However, it is still a disadvantage that there is no online passport photo service. More people want to take passport photos at home.

Costco passport photo services

Costco is second in size to Walmart, and offers passport photo services in the U.S.These are some things you should remember before using their services.

1. No online ordering and home delivery options

Unlike Walmart, Costco does not have an option to print passport photos online or have them delivered to your home.

2. Reasonable Prices

The pricing is still reasonable, they offer four printed copies for $5.99 which is less than the competitors.

3. No biometrics are required

They were similar to Walmart in that they did not provide any information about the accuracy or the biometrics used in their photos.

The alternative services you can find

You feel like it's 2022and finding your passport photos in a local shop seems outdated and tedious?

We've already shown you some of the most popular passport photo services in America. Now we want to show you some other options that could be used to get your passport pictures.

We have a new way to make passport photos that are perfect for you, thanks to technology. This is how an AI can create passport photos.

You've heard it right. We have been in the business for many years and now we can offer an AI feature that can detect your face and crop it to suit your country.

Our AI has been trained with millions upon millions of faces so that we can guarantee 100% accuracy in all photos.

Our site's AI feature works perfectly and can change the background or even the eye height to suit your country's requirements.

You can upload any photo of your face with some requirements, such as the clothing and smiling restrictions. The AI will create a perfect passport picture for you.

You can download them and print them at home, or have your passport photos printed in a matter of days.

We deliver not only to the United States, but also to other parts of the globe. This is how you can get flawless photos using our AI.

1. Visit aipassportphoto.com and select the country & document type then select the AI feature option.

2. Upload the photo that you took, and wait for the AI to do its job.

3. An instant preview of the uploaded image with correct Background and facial biometrics will be displayed.

4. Download the sample photo to cross-check your results.

If you are satisfied with the results, download them and have your passport photos printed in a matter of days. If you are not satisfied with the photo, you can take it again for free or ask for a refund.

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